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Posted by casasflowers on December 15, 2017 Uncategorized

2018’s Magnificent Mediterranean Flowers

We’re loving International Floral Distributors’ floral design predictions for 2018, an annual report that attempts to pinpoint just what will be trending in the world of flowers in the coming year. Of the four exciting styles, we’re highlighting one in this week’s blog, and it’s bound to inspire you to look forward to January and beyond.

At Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we pride ourselves on delivering both classic floral designs and the freshest takes on floral work to you.

IFD’s Magnificent Mediterranean trend is, of all the approaches identified, the one that captures the spirit of travel. The look is reminiscent of the Mediterranean – as the name would suggest – with rich colors of orange, blue and gold highlighted, sometimes set off by more understated hues. But take note: those muted colors you’ve been seeing so much of in the past couple of years is being replaced by bolder, brighter tones in general. Our Aqua Escape Bouquet demonstrates this trend very well:

A rich cluster of oranges and purples comes together to create a palette that speaks to Magnificent Mediterranean’s aims: evoke a sense of place, history and adventure. This is both free-form and polished, an important aspect of the look. Cymbidium Delight also reflects the attitude of this trend.

Here exotic lilies are set off by purple lisianthus and hydrangea for a lush and transporting effect. This design trend hints at luxury and often includes hand-painted vessels or pedestals to maximize the dramatic impact of the florals.

Let us at Casas Adobes Flower Shop help you nail this 2018 trend. We’re already on it.