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3 Top Southwest Floral Attractions

Casas Adobes Flower Shop¬†thinks you should plan a floral vacation. Yes, we’re serious.

Every spring and summer, cities, towns and regions across the nation get together to celebrate their signature blooms because those blooms, of course, are at their peak. It makes sense that we would want to showcase our most beautiful assets; flower festivals and events are a great way for people to engage with local culture, and for those visiting to discover it. Fortunately, we have several such attractions and events in our neck of the woods. Read on to see our top picks.

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

This 140-acre garden in Papago Park is a study in desert beauty. It features wildflowers, herbs, saguaro and much, much more via five walking paths. There are some 50,000 plants flourishing here, and a stunning array of cacti. In spring, you can catch the butterfly exhibit.

Wildflower season in Arizona

Head to the Sonoran Desert from late July to early September to see a profusion of wildflowers and intriguing plants at their best. There are plenty of tours (some by hot air balloon) that will let you take in as much of the lush color as possible.

ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, Albuquerque, New Mexico

It’s worth the drive, we promise. There are 36 acres of gardens in this highly-acclaimed garden, which includes a Japanese garden and a children’s one. There’s also a zoo and an aquarium, so you can explore the fauna along with the flora. Set on the Rio Grande, this is an exceptional, family-friendly floral attraction.

Want to make your home into a year-round floral attraction? Start with our Summertime Special, and keep it going all year with seasonal flowers and plants that will have everyone happy to be at your place, anytime.

Summer flowers in a terra cotta pot with a butterfly