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Posted by casasflowers on July 30, 2018 Uncategorized

A Gift The Whole Class Will Love

Casas Adobes Flower Shop¬†knows exactly how you can win the Most Likely To Succeed Award this year—give those teachers, admins and other staff at your kid’s school (or yours!) flowers.

Yes, we tend to think of giving flowers to our beloved educators as a matter best left to the end of the year, a kind and fragrant thank you. But we’d argue that it’s best to start off the year giving something green and growing. It not only establishes a positive relationship from the outset, but it brings the outdoors into the classroom or office—and the outdoors is something that everyone from the teacher to the student is probably missing. But that’s not all a floral back-to-school gift can do.

As with all plant and flower gifts, the recipient is bound to feel special, and in this case, put at ease by the gesture. But it’s not just the teacher or staff who feels rewarded by the gift; the students get to enjoy it, too. Especially if it’s something as cool as Peaceful Garden In Glass, a grouping of plants, including bromeliad, that everyone can tend to for the entire year. This is much more than a one-off gift, this is practically a botany lesson in a glass.

Large Glass vase with assorted blooming plants

If you want to start things off right this school year, come bearing gifts of the flower or plant variety.