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April Daisies

daisiesThe daisy is the official birth flower of April. As such, the daisy is a great choice for all your friends and relatives birthdays, as well as any other special occasions this month. The daisy is perfectly suited to this honor, as it is the quintessential spring flower. The fields of white petals with yellow disk centers brings back memories of childhood, of innocence and a simple, sunny day.

We aren’t the only ones who love the daisy. We have depictions of this flower as far back as the Egyptian empire, when they were painted on ceramics; and hairpins have been discovered from the Minoan era of Greece that also showcased an image of this flower. Most likely, these cultures associated the daisy with their sun gods, as the flower looks like a sun and its rays, and even opens and closes according to the sun’s rising and setting. We see daisies in Medieval paintings, and in Victorian times they were used to send secret messages of trust and loyalty.

daisies daisies

Today the flower has come to represent youthful purity and simplicity, as well as the cheerful mood that those feelings evoke. The daisy is one member of a huge family, the Asteraceae, derived from the genus Aster which means “star”. Sunflowers, asters, mums, dahlia, marigolds and daisies are all represented in the family tree; also associated with this class are herbs like echinacea and chamomile and food products such as lettuce and artichokes.

Gerbera daisies are a very popular variety of the iconic flower; these deliver vivid colors that make any floral arrangement bright and fun. These festive daisies are an ideal choice for a birthday bouquet, as they make a beautiful addition to the party! Whether you love the iconic white and yellow daisy; or prefer a burst of color, Casas Adobes of Tucson has the fresh cut flowers that will deliver your sentiments right to their front door.