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Posted by casasflowers on September 13, 2016 | Last Updated: March 23, 2021 Uncategorized

The Aster – September’s Birth Flower

september birthdays

One of the most popular flowers of fall is the aster, which also happens to be the birth flower of September.  The aster, whose name means “starlike”, blooms from late summer and into the autumn season. The aster is a member of the daisy family and comes in a wide spectrum of beautiful colors. If you are looking for the perfect seasonal flower to use in your bouquets for September birthdays, the aster is the best choice. And Casas Adobes Flowers is the best place in Tucson to get an aster bouquet.

Asters come in approximately 180 varieties. In reality, each “flower” is a collection of multiple, very tiny tubular flowers, grouped together in a central disk, and surrounded by ray flowers or petals, In most cases the disk flowers are a different color than the petals so that the entire flower head appears to be a single flower with a central disk, surrounded by differently colored petals.September birthdays

One of the more exotic looking asters is the Matsumoto aster, and for September, we have floral designs that feature this beautiful bloom. The Cottage Garden Bouquet  is a vivid combination of blue, purple and white, and showcases unique violet Matsumoto asters. This arrangement also features the blues of another inspiration of September, the birthstone sapphire. The lantern vase is painted blue to complement the colors of the flowers and is a useful and interesting piece of home decor once the flowers are gone.

Did you know?  Aster petals occur in colors that span the spectrum but never occur in yellow. Seetember birthdays

This elegant bouquet also features Matsumoto asters, but unlike the wildflower appearance of the first arrangement, this gorgeous design exudes sophistication. The asters add deep and rich colors against the lighter lilies, Queen Anne’s lace, roses, and greenery.What an amazing way to recognize your favorite birthday honorees!

Whether you decide to celebrate your September birthdays with asters, or with any of the other beautiful seasonal flowers – Casas Adobes Flower Shop is the place to call first. We look forward to helping you honor your loved ones this month, so give us a call to get started.