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Posted by sbikos on January 7, 2016 | Last Updated: December 16, 2022 Uncategorized

Carnation, January’s Birth Flower

carnationsThis lovely flower has been known by a number of other names such as the dianthus, gillyflower and sweet William; however, most people know it as simply the carnation. This fragrant bloom also happens to be the birth flower for the month of January.

Carnations come in a range of sizes for every preference as well as a rainbow of colors. From white to off-white to pastel hues and bright, bold colors, they offer a look for every taste and style. For example, the Sweet Dreams Bouquet in pastel tones is overflowing with light carnations along with white daisy poms, a pastel pink Asiatic lily and yellow alstroemeria.

As if that weren’t enough to love about the carnation, they are also hardy, easy to care for and among the most resilient and long-lasting cut flowers you can order.

The History 

Carnations are likely native to either the Far East and/or the Mediterranean. Regardless of their exact origins, they have been beloved and cultivated for thousands of years. They are said to have been used in Greece in ceremonial crowns, and with their detailed, fragrant and resilient nature, it’s not hard to imagine this.

Carnation’s name has its roots in the word “corone,” which means flower garland, and also the word “coronation.” Other interpretations include references to the Greek word “carnis,” or flesh, referring to the flesh-toned color of the original blooms. Some theories also point to the word “incarnation,” which means God’s word made flesh.


Carnations come in a range of colors, each with a different meaning and symbolism.

Red carnations exude a similar meaning as red roses, signifying passion and romantic love. Pink tend to symbolize platonic love, happiness, gratitude and respectful remembrance.

Orange carnations exude friendship and goodwill. In the past, yellow indicated disappointment, while today they offer a more cheerful vibe. White symbolize innocence and are associated with good luck.

Giving This January

Since carnations are the January birth flower, they are the ideal birthday gift for a friend, co-worker or loved one. They also blend very well with other bright flowers. The Flowering Birthday Cake in pinks, whites, and purples is low in calories and gull of carnations! It definitely makes for a joyful birthday bouquet.


Flowering Birthday Cake

You can never go wrong when giving the Thoughtful Bouquet, which exudes cheer through pink carnations, yellow daisies, pink roses, and yellow alstromeria delivered in a cheery bubble bowl.



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