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Casa Adobes Flower Shop – International Women’s Day

women's dayWith themes such as Women and Men Uniting Against Violence and Women in Decision Making, International Women’s Day has become a global phenomenon celebrated officially in 30 countries; and in a less formal capacity more than 100 nations. The holiday has its roots in the Soviet bloc over a century ago, when women assembled looking for equal rights and status. It was popularly adopted in the West in 1977 when the United Nations asked member to honor a UN Day for women’s rights and world peace on March 8th.

In 2011, President Obama declared March as Women’s History Month, and encouraged U.S. citizens to reflect on the significant contributions of American women in the history of our country. There are many pioneering, trendsetting women to honor – from Indian guide Sacajawea, who helped Lewis and Clark with their expedition; to aviator Amelia Earhart who took a wandering spirit to the skies. Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman crusaded for civil rights in the early days of our country, while Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Andersen picked up the mantle in later years. Throughout our history, there have been exceptional women – up to and including the exemplary women who are influencing lives today.

women's day women's day

Here in the U.S., women enjoy equal rights, giving them opportunities not available everywhere in the world. American women have influence at all levels of society – contributing to families, education, politics, education and the marketplace. If you are looking to honor a special woman on International Women’s Day, Casa Adobes has many suggestions. For instance, a palm represents victory and success, and therefore would be a fitting addition to any office; as would these purple Peruvian lilies (alstroemeria) which signify wealth and prosperity. To express admiration, add light pink roses or daffodils; to express wisdom and refinement, add the laurel flower or some sage leaves.


On March 8th, join women around the world as they gather in solidarity to express a desire for true human rights and equal freedoms. To celebrate our country and the women who make it great, let Casas Adobes Flower Shop select the perfect floral arrangement to honor them.