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A Month for Celebrating Weddings & Anniversaries

By casasflowers on June 7, 2017 in Weddings. 0 Comments

June is National Wedding Month, as experts tell us that it is the most popular time of the year to get married. And whether or not you plan on getting married in June, this celebratory month is a great time to discuss all things wedding! In Tucson, you can trust the floral experts at Casas Adobes Flower Shop to help you to choose and design the most beautiful wedding flowers you can imagine. Did You Know? After June, the most popular months to get married are May, September, and October. The three months least chosen were January through March, although Valentine's Day does boast a fair amount of nuptial ceremonies.  Read More about A Month for Celebrating Weddings & Anniversaries

February Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries

By casasflowers on January 21, 2017 in Events, Floral Design, Weddings. 0 Comments

February is National Wedding Month, giving couples everywhere the chance to celebrate their day during the most romantic month of the year. Here in Tucson, we are lucky that we can get married year round, but nationally speaking, February is not even close to a top choice for wedding ceremonies, (June, August and September top that list). So how did February earn the designation of National Wedding Month? Here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we have a few theories. Read More about February Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries