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College Dorm Decor for Your Student

college dorm decor

Back to school means different things to different people. While some parents are dreading dropping their 5 year old off at kindergarten, others are reluctantly letting go of their college-age student as they drop them off on campus. While these transitions can be difficult and emotional, there are many ways to help everyone to handle the change a little bit better. Here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we have been helping Tucson families navigate life’s occasions for decades, and we have a few thoughts as to how to make their home-away-from-home just a bit cozier, with living and beautiful dorm room decor. college dorm decorYou may have heard that green plants are beneficial roommates to have – not only do they help to clean and purify the air, but they promote a sense of well being and peace, and are known to help to stimulate focus and concentration. These attributes are perfect for a student staring down a tough academic year- and they add a little bit of beauty as well. Casas Adobes Flower Shop has a wide variety of green plants, but we recommend a unique dish garden arrangement. They are relatively easy to care for, take up little space, and provide interesting aesthetic appeal. Green plants give us a quick and easy way to make a college dorm room feel like home. 
college room decor

A few weeks into the new year, you may wish to send a gift to surprise your student and let them know they are on your mind. Radiant Rainbow, shown below, is just the perfect cube of bright, cheerful flowers to banish any homesickness or anxiety. We also have other great gifts that are sure to make your college students day – such as gourmet gifts baskets for late night study sessions,  chocolate delicacies to share with their new friends, or a lavish spa basket to melt the stress away.

college dorm decorSetting up college dorm decor is a rite of passage for many young adults. Although everyone has their own style, the team at Casas Adobes Flower Shop is confident that you will find the perfect gift for your scholar. No matter how much they’ve grown up, they still love a touch from home – and we’ve got what you need.