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Posted by casasflowers on April 16, 2018 Uncategorized

An Earth Day Gift They Won’t Forget

Earth Day is April 22, and we here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop love watching our community come together to celebrate Mother Earth through recycling drives, plantings, clean-ups—you name it. There are so many ways to carry out Earth Day’s mission, which is to promote environmental awareness and remind the global community that we’re all stewards of the planet. We think this begins at home, and we’ve devised a creative way to teach our kids (and ourselves) that caring for our Earth is more than something we do for one day but a way of life.

There’s nothing more important to us here than what grows in the earth, and we love to see our customers go home with living greens and blooms to care for on their own. Doing so helps connect us to the planet’s riches and its cycles. There are so many clever ways to conserve resources and to improve our quality of life without damaging the planet. In that spirit, we’ve devised a Self Watering Succulent Plant, and it’s the perfect take-home for Earth Day.

It’s a simple but elegant design, as so many environmentally-friendly solutions are. A self-watering glass planter holds some wicking material that sends water up the base into the succulent’s soil. It takes no more than is needed and no less. You can watch your succulent flourish and marvel at its ability to sustain itself. Having this hardy little plant in the home is a good way of staying connected to our wonderful planet.