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Posted by casasflowers on June 18, 2018 Uncategorized

Garden-To-Table Elegance

Entertaining in summertime is its own reward. The mood is lighter and freer. The food is fresh, the flowers are blooming, the wine is flowing. This is the time to serve up a bounty of seasonal delights on the table—salmon, ceviche, a perfectly grilled steak, a blueberry pie. The key words for entertaining during this time of the year are fresh, bright and juicy. If you can evoke the garden, you should. A bowl full of a heaping salad laden with fresh veggies makes for the perfect first bite. Given that so many of our flowers are at their peak, you’ll want to have a centerpiece (or two) that is just as inviting and as glorious as the meal you’re serving. Casas Adobes Flower Shop has a romantic summertime design in mind.

Even if you aren’t entertaining outdoors, you can bring it right to the table. Specifically, you can employ our Pastel Garden Centerpiece to conjure up that feeling of wild flowers and greens plucked straight from the garden. Here pure white lilies, pink roses and lots of greens give your table that lush summertime vibe. It’s low enough to see over, and beautiful enough to be its own talking point.

Decorate your summer table with flowers that will get everyone excited about the feast you’ve prepared, reminding them that this is the season to enjoy every delicious moment.