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Casas Flowers Blog

Posted by casasflowers on September 6, 2012 Uncategorized

Get ready to plant this fall!

[slideshow]The fall planting season is on it’s way, and if you’re in the mood…today! Temperatures are getting a bit cooler, and it’s a great time to replace plants you may have lost during the long, hot summer.Why is fall planting so good for plants? Soil temperatures are still warm, encouraging root growth and development and allowing plants to get much better established before next summer’s heat sets in. Also, with cooler temperatures, plants need less water and it is a much more forgiving time of year to put new plants in the ground. As always living in the Arizona desert, remember Water Conservation! Here is a handy tool to Use It Wisely. Also a water guide link here for plants & landscape.

Not sure what to plant? We have some fantastic chrysanthemums in our shop and you can find some delightful blooming plants on our website. Also here is a handy list of some low-water perennials and you can always ask us or your nearby nursery for some suggestions on nice bedding plants. Such as marigolds (great for repelling unwanted insects and pests), daisies, and sage.

Happy fall planting!!