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Posted by casasflowers on July 2, 2018 Uncategorized

How To Go To Hawaii Without Leaving Your House

It’s summer, and that means many of us will be traveling. Whether we’re going near or far, taking a trip is always an exciting prospect. We look forward to being somewhere else, experiencing all that a destination has to offer, from the landscape and scenery to the cuisine, people and culture. But if you don’t have a travel plan in place this summer, fear not. Casas Adobes Flower Shop is going to show you how to go somewhere without even leaving your couch. Trust us.

We can probably all agree, a trip to Hawaii is one we would never turn down. And yet, trips to Hawaii aren’t exactly growing on trees. Fortunately, you can introduce a little of the islands’ appeal into your own home through flowers—dendrobium orchids, to be exact. OurĀ Orchid Delight piece offers more than a splash of violet-slash-fuchsia color; it offers blossoms that look hand painted and that spread themselves out in a showy display. This is an exotic arrangement that will add some worldly character to your space.

It’s not hard to bring a little of Hawaii (or Paris or Tuscany) into your home if you choose the right flowers. They’re masters at evoking a faraway place.