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Graduation Flowers from Casas Adobes

graduation flowersIn 2016, there will be over 4,500 colleges that will present nearly 3 million graduates. Similarly, approximately 3 million high school celebrating seniors will cross a stage and receive a diploma. With six million people ready to see their goals attained, the chances are very good that a few of them are in your life. When choosing a gift that will appropriately honor the graduates, look no further than Casas Adobes for gift ideas. From a bouquet of roses given at the conclusion of the ceremony, to a floral arrangement that has meaning behind every flower – say congratulations in a beautiful way.

Since ancient Greece and Rome, specific flowers have embodied specific meanings. The species of flowers you use to create your bouquets can have sentiments attached that will tell your graduates just how proud you are. For instance, the stately gladioli bloom represents victory and courage; and light pink roses indicate that you admire the recipient. Chrysanthemums represent optimism for the future and daffodils, or lilac roses signify respect for their efforts.

graduation flowers graduation flowers

Dahlias and orange roses are both appropriate to convey pride in your graduate, but yellow roses are one of the most traditional bouquets of graduation, as they stand for achieving the highest mark of distinction n a field of study. For an added meaningful touch, use laurel leaves for greenery. As in the days of ancient sporting competitions, the Laurel is given to the victor. Need more ideas? Come in and speak to one of our florists.

Graduation is a special time of recognition for all their hard work over the years. Don’t let the occasion go by without ensuring that your loved ones know how proud you are of their accomplishments. For graduation day, birthdays or any occasion this spring – Casas Adobes is your one-stop floral shop.