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Posted by casasflowers on December 15, 2015 Uncategorized

Holiday Food Gift Baskets

gift basketThe days until Christmas creep closer, and we realize that many of our customers may not have completed their holiday gift shopping. We’re concerned because we know how anxiety-provoking shopping can be the closer we get to Christmas Day. At Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we hope to take the tedium out of the shopping experience so you can enjoy the holiday season with friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors without the stress of looming unfinished chores or projects.


We all know of gift recipients who are so fussy about receiving gifts that they can quickly take all the joy out of the Christmas gift shopping experience. We think that gourmet treats and gift baskets are the perfect solutions.


Give a Starbuck’s Sensation


Coffee lovers will love the Starbuck’s Holiday Greetings Basket. The cheerful red basket is filled with two Starbuck’s mugs, their signature peppermint hot cocoa mix, four different coffee blends, one of which is the annual Christmas blend and assorted Tazo teas. No coffee sampler would be complete without Noni’s biscotti and Walker’s shortbread highlander cookies and an organic Theo Chocolate bar.


A Chocolate Lover’s Delights


You will be a chocolate lover’s hero when you give someone this Godiva Chocolate Treasures gift basket. The golden container contains milk chocolate caramels, milk chocolate salted toffee caramels, a Godiva truffle trio, a dark chocolate almond bar, a milk chocolate salted caramel bar, a dark chocolate sea salt bar, milk chocolate-covered cashews, dark chocolate-covered almonds, milk and dark chocolate cocoa mixes and milk chocolate-covered pretzels.


Another winning gift for a chocolate lover is the Winter Warm Up Hot Cocoa & Cookies Basket. The weather may not be cold enough to necessitate wearing warm clothing, but that doesn’t mean that Arizona residents can’t enjoy some delicious hot chocolate on a winter day. This gift is perfect for couples. The Santa-themed box is filled with everything necessary for a romantic tea-time snack. The two red and green mugs will hold hot cocoa and peppermint candy canes that your recipient can use instead of spoons. Biscotti goes wonderfully with hot cocoa as your recipient dunks them into the cocoa.


Don’t let the stress of holiday gift shopping dampen your holiday spirits. Our Holiday Gift Guide is filled with a large variety of floral centerpieces, wreaths, floral arrangements and gift baskets. Come in, call us, or place an order online. Let us relieve you of the burden of shopping for recipients who are always so difficult to please.