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Posted by casasflowers on August 31, 2018 Uncategorized

How We Pay It Forward With Flowers

Casas Adobes Flower Shop is proud to work with our customers during some of the most eventful times of their lives. Our work is important because the results are used to bring people together. Our flowers are exchanged to honor and celebrate, to commemorate and remember, to encourage and champion, to express love and sympathy. We have many stories of moments when flowers mattered, from the most heartbreaking to the most joyful of occasions. At every turn, flowers have played a part of making that occasion memorable and meaningful. Today we share two of those stories.

We had a customer who was sending flowers to her best friend’s daughter for her college graduation. She was a bit choked up at the card message, and she explained that she was sending the flowers because she promised her best friend, who had passed away, that she would just keep an eye out for her daughter. She was very much like a guardian angel, and she felt that celebrating the milestones in the daughter’s life would be something her best friend would have wanted.

One Valentine’s Day night, just as we were closing up, a young customer came knocking on the door with those big puppy dog eyes. He really needed something for his Valentine, so we opened up to help him. He just wanted a rose-to-go because he only had a small budget. Instead, we gave him an upgrade to a dozen roses and the few balloons we had left. He was so happy, which in turn made us happy. His grateful spirit reminded us that we should always pay it forward when we can. Especially with flowers.