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Posted by casasflowers on June 20, 2016 | Last Updated: December 16, 2022 Uncategorized

July Birthday Bouquets

SummerBirthdays-blog4When it comes to celebrating birthdays through flowers, there are so many ways to express ourselves. We often choose to send the recipient’s favorite flower, regardless of season; or perhaps there are colors that fit their home or décor. In July, tradition gives us two distinct and very different ways to honor our loved ones through floral arrangements – one the official birth flower of the month, the other the birth stone. These two beautiful options span the spectrum of color – delphinium, the delicate blue or purple bloom that represents the month is cool and serene, while the representative ruby gemstone is known to bring the red hot fire. Whatever your July birthday bouquet represents, it will be beautifully created by the skilled design experts at Casas Adobes.

july birthdayThe happy delphinium is a graceful flower popular with gardeners for filler and ground cover. It is often confused with larkspur, a bloom with which it does share some background. Delphinium is actually closely related to the buttercup, even though it’s color doesn’t let on to that fact. For such a light and airy summer bloom, it embodies some ambitious symbolism; including setting and achieving high goals, and seeking for new and exciting opportunities. It is also said to be the perfect flower to represent someone who remains positive and cheerful through tough times, and in fact is regarded as a wonderful choice to celebrate any happy occasion. Therefore, it is an ideal birthday bloom. Delphinium is rarely seen on its own but rather is combined with other summer blooms for lavish bouquets.

july birthdayThe other representation of the month takes us from cool blues to scorching reds – the July birthstone is the most valuable of all gems, the deep red ruby. This remarkable stone has been considered the choice of kings since antiquity; a gem of virtue, of nobility and royalty. It is said to represent passion and prosperity, and is also reputed to have strong protective powers. History shows it has been used to avert sickness and disease, ward off evil spirits and even rescue someone from recurring nightmares and bring peace and rest. And while sending an actual ruby to your loved ones may not be possible this year, sending a ruby red bouquet is a wonderful way to honor the significance of the July birthstone. Red roses and bright red gerbera daisies are two of the most popular ways to send “rubies”, and this bouquet was lovingly crafted to send them in style.

Blue delphinium or red blooms, the floral professionals at Casas Adobes Flower Shop have the skill and the artistic eye to create a gorgeous bouquet to celebrate their special July day.