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Luxury Rose Bouquets for June

luxury rose bouquets

Roses are the most popular flower in the world. Throughout history roses have represented royalty, served as the national flower of many countries, and have been dubber “The Queen of Flowers”. June is National Rose Month, and it is the ideal time to send rose bouquets to those you love. In recognition for how amazing these flowers are, we’ve collected a few interesting facts about this timeless classic that you may not know.

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luxury rose bouquetsA Rose of Many Colors, Except: There are over 150 species of roses, but thousands of varieties which have been cultivated from them. Roses can be grown in nearly every color, but you will never see a true blue or black rose. Not only do roses not naturally occur in these colors, but they also cannot be bred to exhibit the hues – they lack the required DNA structure to produce them. Although many love “black roses”, they are actually a shade of extremely dark red.

Did You Know? Like most flowers, the colors of roses are meaningful – red signifies love and passion, yellow stands for true friendship, and pink expresses appreciation and innocent devotion.
luxury rose bouquets

The War of the Roses: The War of the Roses in England was fought between the House of Lancaster, which had a red rose as its emblem, and the House of York, which had a white rose as its emblem.

Roses in America: The first person to cultivate roses in America was none other than George Washington. The state flower of Georgia, the Cherokee Rose, is from China – and experts have no idea how it got here before it was discovered in 1788.
luxury rose bouquets

Impressive Roses: Varieties of roses vary greatly in size. Some exhibit buds as tiny as a grain of rice – and others showcase blooms measuring over two feet!  One rosebush in Germany is over 1,200 years old; and another in Tombstone, Arizona offers over 200,000 flowers when in full bloom.

A Rose of Great Price:
Rose attar (oil) was only considered appropriate for royal in the Middle Ages, for good reason. 180 pound of roses – or 60,000 blooms – are required to produce a single fluid ounce of rose oil.
luxury rose bouquetsThis June, celebrate National Rose Month by sending gorgeous roses to those you care about. Casas Adobes Flower Shop is located in Tucson and is happy to deliver throughout Tucson & Oro Valley.