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Mother’s Day with Casas Adobes Flower Shop

mother's dayAlthough many assume that Mother’s Day is a creation of the greeting card companies to generate more income, this holiday does have a rich historical background.

Anna Jarvis, honoring her mother’s life of service and dedication to empowering women – especially mothers – worked tirelessly to see Mother’s Day established in 1914. Her idea of the holiday, however, included church attendance, prayer, and quiet family time. As the holiday became more commercial, Ms. Jarvis despaired, and spent the later years of her life trying to have Mother’s Day removed from the calendars. In honor of Mothers’ Day, here are some other fun facts:

mother's dayIn Greek mythology, spring festivals were held to honor Rhea, considered to be the mother of many other gods. Similarly, the ancient Romans celebrated a three-day festival named Hilaria, in honor of the maternal goddess Cybele. This was quite a party, with parades, games, and masquerades; not to mention offerings made to Cybele herself in the temple.

In Ireland during the 1600’s, the Catholic Church observed Mothering Sunday, a holiday which took place on the 4th Sunday of Lent. It’s origin is disputed; some say it was to call people back to “mother church”, and some say it was a day to honor the Virgin Mary. In either case, eventually, it became a day to honor one’s mother with small gifts.

mother's dayHow do you celebrate Mom? In the United States alone, we will make 122 million phone calls to our moms, and will spend approximately $14 billion dollars on cards, flowers, dining out, jewelry, gift cards, clothing, spa visits, books, and CDs. In a strange tradition that turns giving gifts on its head, in Yugoslavia, children would tie up their Mom on Mothers’ Day, only freeing her when she promised to give them gifts.

When it comes time to order your Mom a floral arrangement for Mothers’ Day, call Casas Adobes Flower Shop or browse our entire collection of Mother’s Day flowers online. We have the roses, lilies, orchids and carnations that will make her feel truly special – and we know she’ll love them. Not sure what to send? See more gift ideas at our blog!