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We have roots!

Here are some recent pictures of the ZZ plants that we’ve been rooting. It’s been a slow process, unlike a Pothos plant, which can root itself in a matter of days! We have about an inch or so of… Read More about We have roots! »
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ZZ Update

Here is the latest update on the ZZ plants.  I think it has been 2 weeks since we last took pictures. There are now little nubs on the ends of both ZZ plant stems that will turn into… Read More about ZZ Update »
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Real or Fake?

Take a look at this gorgeous bouquet. Can you tell if it’s real or is it fake?  It’s FAKE or artificial flowers. Faux flowers, silk flowers, or if you want to get fancy – a permanent botanical arrangement. Lots… Read More about Real or Fake? »
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Harvest Sale!

We are having our annual Harvest sale starting this week and until the end of the month (Oct 31st) We would love for you to stop by and see all the gorgeous plants and flowers we have this week for… Read More about Harvest Sale! »
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