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Patriotic Flowers for July Fourth

patriotic flowers

Summer has arrived – and with it all of the celebrations, picnics, and parties of the season. One of our favorite days is the 4th of July. From the morning parade to the evening fireworks, it is a day of fun with family and friends. While you are donning the red, white and blue outfit, grabbing your sparklers, and firing up the grill, don’t forget to order a few floral arrangements for the party. These patriotic designs will add spirit and color to any gathering.

Did You Know? The Declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4th, but instead, the majority of the founding fathers signed on August 2nd. However, one famous signature was immortalized on the 4th – that of none other than John Hancock himself. No wonder he claimed such a prominent position.

patriotic flowers

Aptly named America, the arrangement shown above is inspired by the flag and exudes all the festivity of the day. White daisies and red carnations are accented by true-blue ribbon and sparkling decorative details – it’s like fireworks in a vase!

Red carnations, white lilies, and blue belladonna combine to create American Glory, shown below – a classic arrangement which is perfect as a centerpiece or a thoughtful gift to present to a veteran whom you appreciate. patriotic flowers

Did You Know? The first Fourth of July celebration included the ringing of bells throughout Philadelphia. Although we do not have proof that the Liberty Bell, presented to the city decades earlier, was actually utilized for this celebration, many historians agree that it was most likely one of the main bells tolled that day.

Speaking of ringing bells, the Let Freedom Ring floral design brings together vivid reds, sparkling whites, and deep blues. These patriotic flowers have been picked fresh to help you celebrate the Fourth of July,

patriotic flowersWe have much to celebrate every day in this country. For this historic occasion, and every event in your life throughout the year, you can trust the floral designers at Casas Adobes Flower Shop to deliver the finest floral products.

We are happy to deliver throughout the Tucson and Oro Valley areas.