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Posted by casasflowers on October 1, 2018 | Last Updated: October 7, 2018 Uncategorized

Plant Some Goodwill With Your Boss

Given how much impact they have in our lives, it’s no surprise that our mentors have a designated day now too. October 16 is National Bosses Day, an occasion for us to celebrate our fearless leaders, inspiring mentors and ceaseless supporters. Our team leaders at work can be some of the most undersung in the office, but not on this day. Established in 1958 by an appreciative employee, Bosses Day is celebrated by throwing an office party or offering a little gift, and that’s where Casas Adobes Flower Shop comes in.

Give your boss something striking, sturdy and office friendly like our Bromeliad and Succulent Garden. These low-maintenance plants can live in the workplace, and together they provide both a shot of green and a pop of color. There’s a lot of texture and visual interest here, too, making it a true decor piece that will only get more interesting over time, as it flourishes upward.

Equally striking is the modern stone planter, which blends seamlessly into the existing environment. We think a design like this brings some much-needed Zen serenity into a busy workplace, if it’s shared in a common space. But don’t be surprised if your boss wants to keep this in their office all to themselves.