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Posted by casasflowers on August 27, 2018 Uncategorized

Plants That Connect Us To The Past

Like you, Casas Adobes Flower Shop has fond memories of our grandparents. This September 9, we have an opportunity to honor our most cherished elders, the ones who passed down so much to us, including a respect for tradition. There are those customs that are unique to our own families, and then there are the ones that we participate in collectively, as a culture. One of those is the giving of flowers.

Many of us remember our grandparents tending to gardens, being called over to help during planting or picking seasons. The lessons we learned from working the earth with them translate to a deep respect for it, and even the cultivating of our own gardens. We often inherit our love for flowers or plants from our older family members, just as we inherit an appreciation for so many other things. If you’d like to honor the flower, plant or garden-based traditions from your past, consider inviting a Garden In A Glass into your home. This mix of plants gives you the chance to revive that green thumb.

Spend some time this Grandparents Day honoring yours, whether that means telling stories or enjoying a tradition they passed on to you.