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Posted by casasflowers on January 15, 2016 | Last Updated: January 28, 2016 Uncategorized

Selecting the Perfect Flowers for Valentine’s Day  

flower meaningsValentine’s Day is every February 14th. It’s a day set aside for celebrating all types of love and affection. It isn’t just about romance, either; anyone can mark the occasion by sending flowers to family members, friends and treasured business associates. Best of all, there’s a flower and color to fit each kind of relationship perfectly. Here are some of the top flowers to send for Valentine’s Day as well as their color meanings:

Roses for Valentine’s Day

The rose is the first flower most people think of in association with Valentine’s Day, and red roses in particular are quite iconic. However, roses in other colors can be a delightful gift for friends, family members and associates.

flower meanings
Flower Color Symbolism

The following color meanings apply to just about every flower species you can send for Valentine’s Day:

Red. Symbolizes deep love, passion, romance and true love.

Pink. Gratitude and admiration.

Yellow. Friendship, cheerfulness, joy, new beginnings.

Orange. Desire and enthusiasm.

Purple. Reverence and gratitude.

Lavender or blue. Spiritual appreciation.

White. Purity of intention, rebirth.

Tropical Orchids

Orchids express exotic charm, luxury and opulence. This tropical flower comes in a range of species, so there’s sure to be a style for each of your loved ones. The Orchid Delight arrangement features purple dendrobium orchids and makes for a stunning Valentine’s Day gift.flower meanings

The Elegance of Lilies

Lilies convey renewal and rebirth in a highly elegant way. Their blooms are large, regal and striking, and they come in a range of looks from exotic Asiatic blooms to trumpet-shaped calla lilies to the otherworldly pink and white stargazer lilies. Pastel colors show subtler, more subdued gratitude and affection for the recipient, while the deeper tones like orange, pink and bright yellow can show stronger feelings of gratitude and passion.flower meanings

Valentine’s Day is a special day for celebrating those we love. Love can take many forms, and there’s an ideal flower and color for all the special people in your life. Consider these flower choices when deciding what to send this Valentine’s Day, and contact Casas Adobes Flower Shop when you’re ready to place your order.