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Posted by casasflowers on September 10, 2018 | Last Updated: March 23, 2021 Uncategorized

The Prettiest Plants And Flowers For Self Care

Were you aware that September is all about self care? Yes, the officially-designated month of well-being is a wonderful time to give a little attention to yourself. Particularly as we head into fall, it’s an excellent moment to refresh your personal space, removing the the things that don’t serve and adding the things that do. You may also want to evaluate your usual routine and assess whether or not you get enough exercise and have enough time built into your day to do things you want to do. Casas Adobes Flower Shop would humbly suggest getting flowers or plants (or picking up one of our aromatherapy baskets or another gift!) as the first step in treating yourself well this month.

Why do we suggest flowers? Well, it’s a simple, beautiful contribution you can make to your space for no reason at all. It doesn’t require a lot of planning or moving of other items. It’s just one of those gifts you give to yourself that fits right in, a seamless and lovely addition to your bedroom dresser or nightstand. A design like All For You can work in either of those spaces, just as it could work on your desk or on the kitchen counter.

Plants are in many ways the ultimate investment you can make toward self care. They clean the air, regulate the temperature, provide humidity to dry spaces and connect us to the great outdoors. We love a Pothos as a constant indoor companion. 

Give yourself flowers and plants this September and you’ll be on your way to a healthy fall and winter.