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Posted by casasflowers on August 12, 2018 Uncategorized

The Secret Life Of Bees

Casas Adobes Flower Shop thinks bees are, well, the bees knees. And if you think that expression is strange, think again: bees have legs, and on those legs, little bags where they store the pollen they collect. In fact, bees have adapted in all kinds of ways to become efficient, industrious little workers who are responsible for pollinating the 90 crops we consume most regularly. Every third bite we eat comes from a plant pollinated by a bee. 80% of all flowering plants (yes, all) are pollinated by bees. To say that these little guys are absolutely crucial to life on earth as we know it is no overstatement. So which flowers entice the bees the most?

We’ll give you a hint about one of them:Vase of mixed colors of snapdragons

Contained in our Snapdragon Vase is one of the bees most beloved flowers, and that’s because it appeals to a bee’s way of seeing. Bees see ultraviolet light, which makes them not great at detecting red but fabulous at picking up on blue, purple, white and even pink, all the colors of snapdragons. Snapdragons are also laden with nectar, so bees are rewarded when they visit this tower of flowers.

Bees and flowers mutually benefit from each other, since flowers need the bees to transport their pollen. As they drink nectar, bees pick up pollen on their legs, storing some in the bags. When they move on to the next flower, they inevitably deposit some of this genetic material, which fertilizes the flower and allows it to create more seeds. It’s a beautiful, crucial cycle, and one we’re reminded of every time we see a snapdragon or other garden flower.