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Tips for sending a Surprise Bouquet

MARGARITA FLORAL Take a look at some of the following, tips, tricks and sheer surprises that will revive a time-honored tradition and bring joy to both of you, whether as a birthday gift, an anniversary or something to wish them a speedy recovery.


Send Her Something Slightly Different. If you usually send your flower recipient a certain type of flower and a fairly consistent size and style of arrangement, switch it up. If she loves traditional red roses, mix it up and add dashes of accent colors. Something that might go well with roses is mix of daisies and red Gerbera daisies, which are a special and rare treat to see in modern arrangements.





Send Him Something. If you have felt hesitant about sending the man you’ve been dating flowers or something from a floral shop, such as balloons or a very masculine planter or some flowers that men traditionally enjoy. You, and he, might find yourself surprised at how well he responds to receiving flowers. If nothing else, it will certainly come as a surprise and foster a new topic of discussion.






Add a Special Gift to the Surprise. Whether it is something that the floral shop sells or something that you buy on your own and slip in, your loved one will love something tucked into the arrangement, peeking out when they least expect it. If you have a special gift, offering a special promise, this might serve as a perfect delivery system for your intended recipient. A tiny velvet box will look perfect amid her favorite blend of flowers.



Order Early. Make sure you are able to order the surprise you have in mind by ordering at least a few days in advance.