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Tucson Tropical Flowers and Plants

tropical flowers

Throughout the year, we use flowers for many different occasions. We send roses on Valentine’s Day, carnations on Mother’s Day, and daisies to celebrate a best friend’s birthday. There are many ways to use flowers to send a message or to convey a sentiment – but sometimes, flowers can be used to bring personality to your home’s décor. This summer, embrace the sub-tropical spirit of the Southwest and decorate your home with gorgeous tropical and exotic blooms that exude sunshine. Sub-tropical climates such as the one we have in Tucson are home to many flowers and plants that are equally vibrant. The bold hibiscus flower, the ravishing anthurium, exotic red ginger, and novel heliconia flowers all add tropical flair. Explore our favorite tropical flowers that you can find right here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop.

Popular Tropical and Exotic Flowers that Thrive in Tucson, AZ.


Delight their day with a beautiful array of purple dendrobium orchids straight from the islands! Dendrobium orchids are very long lasting and so colorful! This floral gift is great for a thank you, anniversary or just because!

Orchid Delight


These sophisticated, graceful, and truly alluring blooms have been highly sought after since the Victorian Era, as they represented high class and luxury. Today, orchids are rich with culture and symbolism and are a beautiful exotic flower that will surely elevate your home decor this summer. Choose an arrangement solely created with orchids or a breathtaking and eclectic design with all your favorite exotic blooms.

Let someone know you're thinking of them with our Signature Design, "Mahalo." Tropical, exotic and downright stunning, this stylized design features birds of paradise surrounded by lush tropical foliage and purple statice in a designer tray container.


Birds of Paradise

Some flowers, like birds of paradise, evoke visions of lazy days on tropical beaches, with balmy breezes and crystalline water. They may bring thoughts of lush rain forests or a damp, green botanical garden. Whatever your dream setting, there is no doubt that these vivid and exotic blooms offer excitement and brilliance to any space.

Aloha kakahiaka means Good Morning in Hawaiian! This design of beautiful tropical flowers including red anthurium, pin cushion protea, and purple dendrobium orchids will delight your recipient morning and whole day! A contemporary tropical designed in a glass cube vase with accents of ti leaves and bamboo.

Aloha Kakahiaka


Because of their unmistakable appearance and tropical essence, anthuriums have acquired a few nicknames such as “Painted Tongue,” “Hawaiian Heart,” “Flamingo Flower,” and “Painters Palette.” Anthuriums are certainly a showstopping flowering tropical plant, however, they also blend well with other tropical and exotic flowers in wonderful arrangements. Bring one home to liven up and add an eye-catching piece to your space.

A great desktop or home addition! This easy to care for garden has tropical bromeliad and a echeveria succulent planted in a rustic planted with bamboo accents. The perfect thank you gift, also for Father's Day, or Administrative Profressional's Day!

Bromeliad and Succulent Garden


If you are looking to transform a sunroom or patio space, consider making a bromeliad garden in various size pots. You can even add succulent cacti with surprising bright blossoms to add interesting character to your design. Bromeliads are tropical flowers that offer an abundance of color and are generally easy to care for, making them perfect gifts.

Spread some sunshine! This positively beaming bouquet is an artistic way to bring light and laughter to anyone's day! The design features bright yellow lilies, orange pincushion protea, red coffee beans and fun green dianthus styled in a modern, wood container.

Sunbeams and Smiles

Pincushion Protea

Pincushion protea is an eclectic exotic plant that spruces up any space for the summer as well as any tropical flower arrangement. With a sharp and defined appearance, pincushion protea symbolizes enthusiasm and strength. So, why not strengthen your summer home decor and add some enthusiastic blooms to lift your spirits during this bright and sunny season?

Floral arrangements utilizing tropical flowers are perfect to add magnificent color and sensational drama to any space. Exotic and tropical blooms are vibrantly striking and draw the eye their way. They are also, as a class, easily cared for, as they are used to surviving and thriving in severe weather conditions. Therefore, tropical flowers and exotic floral arrangements make for excellent summer décor both indoors and out on your patio. For ideas on how to make your space evokes feelings of paradise, stop by Casas Adobes Flower Shop today or browse our online catalog.

What beauty coming straight from the tropics! Exquisite birds of paradise, purple dendrobium orchids, pin cushion protea and solid aster designed in a glass vase filled with seashells and sand. Bring the beach inside to your home or office!

By the Sea