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Casas Flowers Blog

Posted by casasflowers on February 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Uniquely Meaningful Flowers

On what occasions do flowers matter more than others? At Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we find that it’s the ones that are most personal to you, that don’t necessarily adhere to a holiday or a calendar occasion. These unique moments belong to you and the recipient alone, and these flower occasions reflect the reason and the relationship between you perfectly.

Flowers are memory-makers, which is why the most important personal events call for us to be selective in what we give. Think about color, texture, contrast, fragrance and the overall shape of the design. See how you can approximate your feelings in the form of flowers, or capture the meaning of an occasion through them.

Yellow Sunflowers in a Purple Cube Vase

Flowers are often used to commemorate or honor something, but that’s not always the case, of course. Sometimes they are there to pay respect, adorn, inspire. There are so many reasons, and what we love here at Casas is hearing about what yours are. How you give and when is a part of your story, as you will be making your flowers a part of someone else’s. Give something they won’t forget any time soon.