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Posted by casasflowers on November 9, 2015 | Last Updated: December 16, 2022 Uncategorized

Using Flowers to Show Your Commitment to World Peace Day

world peace dayIf you’ve never heard of World Peace Day, you’re in good company. It’s not a synonym for International Peace Day which is a global observance that the United Nations sponsors. It’s not an official or unofficial national or international celebration. The fact that World Peace Day even exists at all is a testament to the tireless grassroots efforts of one guy who may be more recognizable when people refer to him as “The Peaceguy” than is when people mention his real name which is Don Morris. Our entire Casas Adobes Flower Shop team loves the idea so much that we want to encourage our Tucson area customers to show their commitment to work for World Peace by using plants and flowers to spread awareness about World Peace Day.


Morris launched his concept for World Peace Day in 1997, and he did so through a poem he wrote about what he envisioned for any observance. He wanted people to show their solidarity for World Peace by driving with their headlights on. He believed that the mere sight of masses of cars driving through traffic with their lights on would prompt other people to turn theirs on. People justify their actions when everyone else is doing the same thing.


We believe that people would feel the same way about doing what everyone else is doing when their neighbors, friends, coworkers, fellow parishioners and complete strangers going around the city dropping off floral or plant gifts as a peace offering and as proof of your commitment to work for peace.


We came up with some suggestions to give you an idea about good plant and flower gifts.


Our Blooming Peace Lily is a fantastic gift for anyone. Its dark shiny leaves and exotic-looking flowers will beautify any room or office. It thrives with minimal maintenance, so you don’t have to have a green thumb to maintain it. It is a good plant for a low light area and will still provide you with blooms on a regular basis. Soil should be moist but not soggy since this would promote root rot and poor aeration. Moderate household temperatures and a fertilizing schedule following manufacturers directions from general green plant fertilizer. Peace Lilies also benefit from the addition of organic matter to their soil.


Another wonderful gift of peace is a beautiful and exotic cymbidium orchid that is nestled on top of river rocks with leaves and a peaceful butterfly. Extend an olive branch or apologize to someone with this plant. You’ll be rewarded heartily with the unusual blooms it produces. When you don’t know whether someone has enough direct light for a plant, this is an excellent choice. These plants only need to be watered twice a week. They also benefit from having the foliage misted.


Make a personal commitment to work for peace. Encourage others to join you in your crusade and spread the word by delivering flowers to churches, hospitals, jails and other places as a peace offering on World Peace Day.