Spring Trends for Wedding Colors

wedding colorsThe highly anticipated Color Trends List from the Pantone Color Institute comes out at this time each year.  According to the Pantone color experts, trends for Spring fashion collections heavily influence the choices for all design – including home decor, accessories, and wedding planning. The colors for 2017 embody a wide spectrum of colors exhibited in nature, with shades ranging from neutral to vibrant! The floral designers at Casas Adobes Flower Shop look forward to helping you select the perfect color scheme for your Tucson wedding – and the most beautiful blooms based on your choices.

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Inspiration for Your Proposal

inspiration for your proposal

The month of December is the most popular for wedding proposals. If you are one of those getting engaged, you’ll need to come up with a plan on how to ask the big question. Proposals are personal for each and every couple – they reflect your personality and give you a story to tell family and friends for years to come! Casas Adobes Flower Shop has worked with hundreds of Tucson area couples to provide beautiful flowers for every step of their wedding journey – and it all starts with the inspiration for your proposal!

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Floral Extras and Wedding Accents

wedding accents

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that the wedding planning has begun, there are so many choices to make – and some are more obvious than others. After choosing your venue, your dress, and your bridal bouquet, how can you make your wedding day even more uniquely personal? Floral wedding accents and extras are a beautiful way to infuse your special day with your personal style. After decades of working with Tucson and Oro Valley brides and grooms, the wedding designers at Casas Adobes Flower Shop have the ideas that will inspire you.

wedding accents

The flowers from your bridal bouquet are the basis for every other wedding accent for the day. For instance, from the opening strains of music, all eyes are focused down the aisle. Send your flower girl on her way with a basket or pomander made of your chosen blooms, and carpet the way with petals from your flowers as well.
wedding accents

Wearable flowers  – corsages, boutonnieres, and the bride’s hairpiece – are customary for a wedding ceremony, but flowers can also be utilized in many creative ways, such as adorning your veil.  You may also wish to extend the circle of people who wear flowers on that day, giving a single bloom with a pin to all of the extended family, or perhaps even to the entire guest list. This is a meaningful way to symbolically include everyone in your wedding ceremony, not to mention it adds your style and color in every corner fo your celebration!

wedding accents

Aisle treatments are appropriate in both indoor and outdoor settings. Aisle decor can be as simple as a sheer swag, or as ornate as lush bouquets affixed to the end of the seating arrangement. If you do invest in bouquets or hanging arrangements, we love one bride’s idea. Rather than let the bouquets go to waste after the ceremony, she had a card taped under one seat of each row that had floral decor. The officiant asked each guest to check under their seat at the end of the ceremony, and some lucky friends or family members were allowed to bring home a very special and beautiful keepsake.
wedding accents

Floral garlands are an easy yet striking way to add your florals to any elements of the day – be it a gazebo, trellis, chuppah, or stairway railings. Some brides have chosen to drape floral swags or garlands across the ceiling of their reception, adding a truly unique ambiance. Floral topiaries and pomanders are also wonderful ways to easily transform a generic space into your personal wedding vision. From beginning to end, and from the largest detail to the smallest – you can trust the professional designers at Casas Adobes Flower Shop to make your day spectacular and memorable.  Call us today and make an appointment – it is never too early to plan!


Metallic Accent Details

metallic accent piecesMetallic accent pieces in wedding decor have been growing in popularity year after year because they add glamor, shimmer, and a bit of shine to your special day. The versatility of metallics allows you to use your imagination, adding just the right amount of sophistication, elegance or rustic charm to your decor; while ribbons and rhinestones will elevate your bouquets. Whatever your style, there is a metallic accent perfect for the look.

Metallic accents can take many forms throughout the course of your wedding day – from bridal bouquets with antique brooch details or metallic handles, to tablecloths that glimmer under candlelight. Lavish floral arrangements can be exhibited in traditional silver vases or atop vintage gold candelabras, while mixed metals across your venue are also gaining in popularity. When choosing the vessels for your flowers, consider that gold is often used as a background for warm tones such as cream, yellow, deep red and magenta; while silver looks positively elegant with white, blue, purple, and coral.  Spraypainting leaves and greenery with metallic tones can also add a touch of unexpected beauty in your arrangements.


Metallic filigree accents can be used to embellish invitations, place cards, and menus. Picture frames, lanterns, and mirrors in antique-look metallics give off a classic vintage ambiance, and metallic dishes, goblets, and lighting fixtures finish off the look.  Many contemporary brides have chosen mismatched metallic accent pieces such as  birdcages, water pitchers or lanterns for their centerpieces, browsing thrift and second-hand stores looking for interesting and beautiful items.

At Casas Adobes our floral designers are experts at listening closely to how you envision your day,  and then bringing it to life.  Adding metallic accents is a glamorous way to make your gorgeous flowers even more spectacular.

Are you planning a wedding in Tucson or Oro Valley? Call Casas Adobes Flower Shop and let us assist you in designing the bridal bouquets and wedding florals you’ve been dreaming of. Call us today to make your appointment – we look forward to working with you!


Using Orchids in Weddings

orchids in weddings

There are many choices and options involved in planning a wedding, and the flowers are one of the most important decisions to be made!  Once you have chosen your dresses and color palette, it is time to determine which flowers are the best to incorporate into your day. Orchids are among the most popular choices for weddings, given their rare beauty and elegance. Orchids in weddings are versatile and diverse, and regardless of color palette you can find the right orchid for your style. If you are planning a Tucson or Oro Valley wedding, the best place to begin with planning your wedding flowers is Casas Adobes Flower Shop. orchids in weddings

Orchids make a sophisticated choice for the most discerning of brides. The phalaenopsis orchid, also known the “moth orchid”  because it’s petals look like wings, offers broad flowers in bright colors, perfect to be a focal point for your bridal bouquet, as well as to dress up a lapel.

orchids in weddings

Dendrobium orchids are perhaps the most popular of the wedding varieties. The graceful blooms, which exhibit delicate patterns and a spectrum of colors, can be utilized in every aspect of your wedding. Cymbidium orchids are dramatic and tropical – and work exceptionally well with succulent elements, especially the trending green cymbidium. White cymbidiums laced with color are lovely wedding details no matter where you to choose to use them. From the bridal hairpiece to the aisle decorations, the stunning orchid will provide the perfect accent to your day.

orchids in weddings

Whether the centerpiece is made up entirely of orchids, or if the flowers simply add a dramatic and eye-catching element, orchids in weddings are always a wonderful choice.  In many circles. it is a popular tradition to have a small game or contest to give away the centerpiece at each table – and this gorgeous floral arrangement is sure to be displayed proudly by the recipient at home!

When it is time to choose your wedding flowers, call Casas Adobes Flower Shop to make an appointment, Speak with our wedding experts and floral designers to decide if orchids are the right flowers for your wedding bouquets and decor.  With thousand of varieties, a full range of colors and many diverse forms, orchids are likely to be an amazing addition to your wedding day.

Plan Your Holiday Wedding During the Summer

holiday weddingWith bright sunshine filled days and soaring temperatures, anything that takes place during the winter holiday season may seem far off and miles away. But if you are planning a holiday wedding, now is the exact time to start finalizing details and making plans for venues, caterers, and flowers. That time of year is very busy with corporate Christmas parties, as well as many social events – so determining your vendors and schedules now is imperative. If you are looking for special flower types or colors for your wedding bouquets, planning ahead is key as December traditionally sees a lot of floral delivery requests.

Casas Adobes Flower Shops’s wedding coordinator Sarah shares “Summer is a great time to start planning your winter wedding flowers. We usually carry most of the flowers that are available in the winter here at the shop in the summer, so when a bride comes in she will be able to see first hand the flowers we will use to create her bouquets and centerpieces.” Seeing the flowers and experimenting with arrangements is a great way to feel confident that you will love your bouquets.

holiday weddingThe most common flower colors during the holidays are all red, all white or a mix of red and white. Popular accents are metallic golds and silvers, as well as black. Evergreens and pine cones create festive holiday decor; white branches, crystal baubles and shiny ornaments also make the party sparkle. A holiday wedding is also especially magical with candlelight and low lighting.

It is important to determine if your prospective floral vendor is experienced in staging weddings and creating wedding flowers – not all are. As a resident expert, Sarah also recommends that you clarify with your florist what their delivery schedule looks like in the month of December. “Some florists won’t book weddings in the weeks leading up to Christmas due to high delivery volume,” she cautions. Planning ahead is always better than waiting until the last minute, so call Sarah today to schedule an appointment. As a wedding coordinator, she is your best local source of information for your Tucson holiday wedding.

Perfect Wedding Flowers In Arizona Heat

wedding flowersWhen preparing for a wedding, there are many elements to consider. Many brides have spent countless hours online looking at photographs of flowers and have a vision of the perfect bouquets for their day. However, they may not be aware of the seasonal nature of their chosen bloom, nor to the costs involved with a certain arrangement. The impulse may be to simply put out a bid for proposals and look for the lowest price; however one of the most beautiful and visible aspects of a wedding deserves a bit more attention.

An Arizona wedding is a beautiful event, but the temperature in Tucson should always be a consideration when planning your summer wedding. At Casas Adobes, we are passionate about educating our brides on the best blooms for the time of year, so that you can be certain your bouquets and arrangements will be available, withstand the heat and look beautiful throughout the entire day. Sometimes, our floral designers may make recommendations that are intended to ensure your day is as spectacular as it should be. Casas Adobes wedding designer and expert Sarah explains “I advise which flowers are available that will last in the heat of the summer; and which blooms will look the best. Many brides this time of year want peonies, dahlias, and ranunculus – but these blooms do not ship well to Arizona, and may arrive in unsatisfactory condition. I’m not here to take their money when they aren’t happy with the outcome. I tell them the truth, even though it might result in not getting their business.”

Integrity is paramount at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, and you can be sure that when you shop with us, you will be getting the highest quality flowers – as well as professional, truthful and fair advice. Our expertise guarantees that we can make beautiful recommendations that may change the exact blooms we use for your bouquets, but will preserve the original look and color palette. We invite you to call for a free consultation. To get a feel for your style and vision, a personal relationship is invaluable and allows us to design a wedding that is perfect for you – even down to the smallest details. When searching only for the “low price”, you will be hard pressed to find someone who will educate, advise and inspire you. Come into Casas Adobes Flower Shop and meet with our professional wedding specialists today, and let’s get started on planning your special day!

Traditional Mother Roles in Weddings

mother rolesCongratulations! You’re engaged, and the big day will be here before you know it. Between now and then, the details can seem overwhelming -but there is no need to despair! Your Mom is ready and able to help and give wise advice.

Your mother is probably almost as excited about your wedding as you are, and she is likely just waiting for you to ask for her to step in and help. There are some traditional ways the Mother-of-the-Bride typically assists her daughter in wedding planning. Here are some great ways to involve your mother, as well as to take some of the pressure off of you.

The Dress – The biggest decision for any bride is what she will wear. If you want to gauge the impact, a certain dress will make on your guests and future husband, Mom’s reaction will probably be a terrific guide. But what if you’re in sunny Tucson and Mom lives up north?

Technology is your friend! Texting photos or even engaging in a FaceTime chat from the bridal shop so Mom can watch as you try on dresses can make you both feel closer, and allow her to be a part of the special decision.

The Organizer – Let Mom help with all those calls to caterers, florists, photographers, musicians, planners, venues and clergy. She’ll be invaluable to help you stay organized while you navigate the choices. Make it fun by giving her a journal or notebook just for the wedding. That way, she can keep track of it all in one place, and it might even turn into a keepsake after the nuptials.

Guest Wrangler – Mom can help you make decisions about the guest list. She will know those family members from your side who need to be invited, and how to contact them. She can also help coordinate with the groom’s family to gather their information as well.

The Strong Shoulder – When you feel like all the planning and decision-making are just too much, Mom will be there. What better way to de-stress than to take a day away from the wedding frenzy with Mom? She’d be happy to accompany you to the spa, salon or anywhere else that might help you both relax and remember what a special time you are involved in – not to mention some wonderful bonding time!

Casas Adobes Flower Shop is your one-stop shop for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, venue décor, altar flowers – everything you need to decorate your day beautifully! Let us help you make gorgeous decisions regarding this part of your day – we look forward to seeing you soon!

Wedding Myths and Facts- Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsThere are many traditions associated with weddings- proposals, attire, bridal parties and ceremonies often have “stranger than fiction” origins. Today, they may be customary – but at one point in history, these elements of your wedding were born out of necessity, superstition or societal pressure.


  • The Proposal – today there is sometimes pressure to create a unique, creative or highly entertaining proposal; but in medieval times things were a lot simpler. A suitor left a hawthorn branch on the doorstep of his beloved; if she left it there, she accepted his offer. Oddly, in order to decline the proposal, the hawthorn branch was customarily replace with a cauliflower.
  • The Bride’s Dress – Until the 1800’s, white was not necessarily worn for a wedding. The bridal gown was much more practical; the bride simply wore the best dress that she already owned. The tradition of not wearing the same color as the bride, however, has been the rule for centuries.

wedding traditions

  • The Bridal Party – In ancient tribal societies, the bridal party was actually present in order to protect the bride from thieves and kidnappers who might crash her wedding day. For similar reasons, the “best man” was considered the most trusted warrior in the groom’s circle; he was sometimes necessary to fetch the bride from a neighboring village.
  • The Wedding Ring – The fourth finger of the left hand is believed to have been selected for placement of the wedding ring as it contains a vein which connects the finger and the heart.
  • The Tiered Wedding Cake – In England hundreds of years ago, guests were expected to bring small buns to offer to the couple. If the bride and groom could lean across the pile of pastry and successfully kiss, the marriage was off to an auspicious start.

wedding traditions

Although flowers are an integral part of wedding ceremonies, in Victorian times they were less chosen for color and style; and instead floral arrangements were created with symbolic meanings in mind. Faithfulness, trust, love or purity were communicated through the language of flowers. Of course, nowadays brides and grooms select their bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers based on the theme and color scheme – but whatever your choice of flower, the right choice of florist for your Tucson wedding is Casas Adobes Flower Shop. Traditions are appropriate for your wedding day – but the memories are all yours.

Tucson Summer Weddings

summer weddingsWhen planning a summer wedding in in this part of the country, finding ways to beat the heat are a top-of-mind topic. As Tucson’s premier wedding florist, Casas Adobes has provided the floral bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements for hundreds of warm-weather events. We would like to offer some suggestions for choosing décor and flowers that will make your special day as beautiful as possible.

Although looking through bridal magazines for floral inspiration may seem appropriate, choosing flowers is more a function of opting for beautiful but hardy blooms that will withstand soaring temperatures. Orchids, roses and calla lilies are popular choices for hot weather bouquets. Another insider tip? Use non-traditional greenery such as succulents, eucalyptus leaves and olive branches for longer lasting, non-wilting bouquets.


summer weddingsWhen considering temperatures that could register in the 90’s to 100’s, outdoor summer weddings often take place in the very late afternoon to the early evening. Couples should choose venues that can provide shade via porticos or covered patios; if the location does not provide shade, you may wish to provide tents, and frame the actual ceremony with floral structures that will cover and shade the bride, groom and officiate.

summer weddings

The flowers themselves should be kept in water until the very last minute; ceremony flowers, altar flowers and venue décor can be arranged in beautiful and unique vases and containers that provide all the needed water throughout the day. And just as flowers need water throughout the occasion to keep from wilting, so do your guests! Provide water in appropriate decorative glasses, or refreshing non-alcoholic spritzers garnished with your wedding bloom to make sure everyone stays stylishly hydrated.

As you plan your summer wedding, contact Casas Adobes Flower Shop for ideas an suggestions as to how to decorate your celebration with gorgeous flowers that defy the heat. We look forward to helping you plan the summer event of the year.