Wedding Myths and Facts- Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsThere are many traditions associated with weddings- proposals, attire, bridal parties and ceremonies often have “stranger than fiction” origins. Today, they may be customary – but at one point in history, these elements of your wedding were born out of necessity, superstition or societal pressure.


  • The Proposal – today there is sometimes pressure to create a unique, creative or highly entertaining proposal; but in medieval times things were a lot simpler. A suitor left a hawthorn branch on the doorstep of his beloved; if she left it there, she accepted his offer. Oddly, in order to decline the proposal, the hawthorn branch was customarily replace with a cauliflower.
  • The Bride’s Dress – Until the 1800’s, white was not necessarily worn for a wedding. The bridal gown was much more practical; the bride simply wore the best dress that she already owned. The tradition of not wearing the same color as the bride, however, has been the rule for centuries.

wedding traditions

  • The Bridal Party – In ancient tribal societies, the bridal party was actually present in order to protect the bride from thieves and kidnappers who might crash her wedding day. For similar reasons, the “best man” was considered the most trusted warrior in the groom’s circle; he was sometimes necessary to fetch the bride from a neighboring village.
  • The Wedding Ring – The fourth finger of the left hand is believed to have been selected for placement of the wedding ring as it contains a vein which connects the finger and the heart.
  • The Tiered Wedding Cake – In England hundreds of years ago, guests were expected to bring small buns to offer to the couple. If the bride and groom could lean across the pile of pastry and successfully kiss, the marriage was off to an auspicious start.

wedding traditions

Although flowers are an integral part of wedding ceremonies, in Victorian times they were less chosen for color and style; and instead floral arrangements were created with symbolic meanings in mind. Faithfulness, trust, love or purity were communicated through the language of flowers. Of course, nowadays brides and grooms select their bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers based on the theme and color scheme – but whatever your choice of flower, the right choice of florist for your Tucson wedding is Casas Adobes Flower Shop. Traditions are appropriate for your wedding day – but the memories are all yours.

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