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Floral Extras and Wedding Accents

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that the wedding planning has begun, there are so many choices to make – and some are more obvious than others. After choosing your venue, your dress, and your bridal bouquet, how can you make your wedding day even more uniquely personal? Floral wedding accents and extras are a beautiful way to infuse your special day with your personal style. After decades of working with Tucson and Oro Valley brides and grooms, the wedding designers at Casas Adobes Flower Shop have the ideas that will inspire you.

The flowers from your bridal bouquet are the basis for every other wedding accent for the day. For instance, from the opening strains of music, all eyes are focused down the aisle. Send your flower girl on her way with a basket or pomander made of your chosen blooms, and carpet the way with petals from your flowers as well.

Wearable flowers  – corsages, boutonnieres, and the bride’s hairpiece – are customary for a wedding ceremony, but flowers can also be utilized in many creative ways, such as adorning your veil.  You may also wish to extend the circle of people who wear flowers on that day, giving a single bloom with a pin to all of the extended family, or perhaps even to the entire guest list. This is a meaningful way to symbolically include everyone in your wedding ceremony, not to mention it adds your style and color in every corner fo your celebration!

Aisle treatments are appropriate in both indoor and outdoor settings. Aisle decor can be as simple as a sheer swag, or as ornate as lush bouquets affixed to the end of the seating arrangement. If you do invest in bouquets or hanging arrangements, we love one bride’s idea. Rather than let the bouquets go to waste after the ceremony, she had a card taped under one seat of each row that had floral decor. The officiant asked each guest to check under their seat at the end of the ceremony, and some lucky friends or family members were allowed to bring home a very special and beautiful keepsake.

Floral garlands are an easy yet striking way to add your florals to any elements of the day – be it a gazebo, trellis, chuppah, or stairway railings. Some brides have chosen to drape floral swags or garlands across the ceiling of their reception, adding a truly unique ambiance. Floral topiaries and pomanders are also wonderful ways to easily transform a generic space into your personal wedding vision. From beginning to end, and from the largest detail to the smallest – you can trust the professional designers at Casas Adobes Flower Shop to make your day spectacular and memorable.  Call us today and make an appointment – it is never too early to plan!