Casas Adobes Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersLooking back, 2015 was a fantastic year for weddings at Casas Adobes Flower Shop. We create beautiful floral arrangements for many special occasions in Tucson, but weddings are perhaps the most exciting and meaningful. As we look forward to the new year, we’d like to look back one last time at some of our favorite wedding flowers; as well as to inspire you with ideas should you be planning a wedding celebration for 2016.

wedding flwoers

A rich color palette helped Casas Adobes to present this gorgeous bridal bouquet in red and purple; which showcased two varieties of roses, as well as exotic calla lilies. The elegance of these regal hues is sure to give your wedding the formal ambiance you desire; and is perfect for night time events.

wedding flowers

You can celebrate the romance of Tucson with this bouquet of old fashioned roses, presented in natural ivories and pale orange. Pearls and ribbons add to the vintage southwest feel of this traditional arrangement, which is a lovely accompaniment to your outdoor wedding. Thanks to Jennifer Steffen Photography for this beautiful image.

wedding flwoers

The fire of the desert evening sky is perfectly embodied in this vibrant bouquet of roses and asters in shades of red, pink and orange. For the bride looking to create a colorful and festive venue, utilizing flowers like these for nosegays, aisle flowers and centerpieces is sure to bring the joy into any setting.

wedding flowers

There are so many ways to express yourself though flowers. If you are planning a 2016 Tucson wedding, Casas Adobes Flowers would love to speak with you as to how we can help to make your special day as memorable as it can be.

Engaged on New Year’s? How to Plan Your Perfect Wedding

new year's engagementsRinging in the New Year with an engagement is a sure way to get the year off to a fantastic start. Couples professing their love to each other and their desire to commit for a lifetime is a joyous occasion.

Once the confetti is cleaned up, however, most couples realize that they now have a considerable amount of work ahead of them to plan the perfect wedding day. The question of where to begin is on the minds of many couples. Here are a few basic steps that couples can use to help them relax and get started on wedding planning without excessive stress.

  1. Allow time to just be excited and celebrate with friends and family. Call everyone and tell them the exciting news. Go out for special dinners to celebrate. Enjoy the moment before the stress begins.
  2. Once the initial excitement begins to die down, start to think about overarching questions that will dictate the rest of the wedding planning. For example, discuss whether an indoor or outdoor wedding and reception would be preferred. Consider possible venues and how they compare to an estimated guest list. Determine the budget that the couple will have to work with and where the priorities lie.
  3. After the opening questions have been addressed, it is then time to discuss details that will get the planning started. Selecting the wedding colors is an important part of this process. The wedding colors will help to set the mood and atmosphere of the wedding, so they should be chosen carefully. Some people will want to create a more formal atmosphere. Dark reds, such as the colors found in the red rose, can help to capture this idea. Other couples might prefer something lighter and more airy, such as pastels.
  4. Take care of the major decisions, such as the venue, the dresses and the food, carefully and precisely. It is important to leave enough time for details such as dress alterations and to make sure that the right caterer can be booked that day.
  5. Once the major decisions have been made, in the final weeks and months leading up to the big day, couples will want to finalize their last details. Select the flower arrangements and place the order. Flowers can add so much personality to a wedding. For example, consider how sunflowers can help make everything pop and appear beautiful. Also remember to design seating charts and help out-of-town guests with hotel blocks when needed.

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, but the couple needs to have the right attitude about the process. At Casas Flowers, we look forward to helping you plan the perfect celebration of your love.


Casas Adobes Winter Weddings

winter weddingAdmittedly we do winter a little different here in Tucson. While the rest of the country is looking to take photos in front of snowdrifts, and serving hot chocolate to their guests – we are enjoying some cooler weather sans snow and ice.

One of the hottest color palettes of the season is ivory and gray – and not surprisingly, we have our own take on that as well. Here in desert country, succulents are always trending as a go-to floral detail to add to bridal bouquets and centerpieces. The succulents bring a different shade of gray to the party – while other regions look to charcoal or slate gray, our choice is the green gray of the desert blooms.

winter wedding

What better way to set of greenish gray and white ivory roses than with greenery; these bouquets take the traditional gray palette and liven it up with broad green petals, berries and unique floral accents. If you would like to play on the winter theme a little bit more, spray with sparkling glitter, or add “ice cube” crystals to the clear vases for a chilly effect.

winter wedding

winter wedding

Succulents, as well as eucalyptus leaves, will look beautiful in centerpieces when placed in pewter or silver bowls or flower boxes; the arrangements can be illuminated with extra wide pillar candles with multiple wicks for a flickering, campfire effect.

You are unique and special – and your wedding should be special too. Casas Adobes Flowers is ready to help you create a wonderful landscape – begin with the inspiration of the top wedding trends, such as ivory and gray, and give it some Tucson flair! Call us today or stop by for great ideas on how to make your winter wedding a standout event.



The Chysanthemum & the Wedding

chrysanthemumThe chrysanthemum is one of the most popular wedding flowers, but they are far from boring. With over 2,000 varieties to choose from, the mum can fit into any color scheme or wedding theme. Known as the official flower of November, it makes an ideal choice for fall weddings; as it blooms well into the autumn months, you can generally get fresh local mums wherever you are.


The versatile mum also fits nearly any budget, much more affordable than many of the more exotic blooms. Although easier on the wallet, they can give the appearance of many more expensive flowers.  The spiky petaled spider mum looks amazing in cascade bouquets, evoking feelings of tropical rain forests and flowers. The mum even has a unique feature many flowers do not. They are bred in a lime green color almost never seen in flowers; so adding the green button or spray mum to your bouquets adds green accents with beautiful textures.


Chrysanthemums have many personalities. They can be gracefully elegant – add white mums to white roses, lilies and hydrangea for a classically sophisticated bouquet or centerpieces. Viceroy (or football) chrysanthemum are lush and lavish, with a head as large as a peony; making this flower a wonderful addition to centerpieces or abundant ceremony floral arrangements. Of course, mums are also available in traditional fall colors, perfectly embellishing  a country wedding wildflower bouquet.


No matter the desired ambiance of your wedding day, the floral experts at Casas Adobes will find a chrysanthemum to express your feelings. Come in today to discuss your perfect Tucson wedding.