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Plan Your Holiday Wedding During the Summer

With bright sunshine filled days and soaring temperatures, anything that takes place during the winter holiday season may seem far off and miles away. But if you are planning a holiday wedding, now is the exact time to start finalizing details and making plans for venues, caterers, and flowers. That time of year is very busy with corporate Christmas parties, as well as many social events – so determining your vendors and schedules now is imperative. If you are looking for special flower types or colors for your wedding bouquets, planning ahead is key as December traditionally sees a lot of floral delivery requests.

Casas Adobes Flower Shops’s wedding coordinator Sarah shares “Summer is a great time to start planning your winter wedding flowers. We usually carry most of the flowers that are available in the winter here at the shop in the summer, so when a bride comes in she will be able to see first hand the flowers we will use to create her bouquets and centerpieces.” Seeing the flowers and experimenting with arrangements is a great way to feel confident that you will love your bouquets.

The most common flower colors during the holidays are all red, all white or a mix of red and white. Popular accents are metallic golds and silvers, as well as black. Evergreens and pine cones create festive holiday decor; white branches, crystal baubles and shiny ornaments also make the party sparkle. A holiday wedding is also especially magical with candlelight and low lighting.

It is important to determine if your prospective floral vendor is experienced in staging weddings and creating wedding flowers – not all are. As a resident expert, Sarah also recommends that you clarify with your florist what their delivery schedule looks like in the month of December. “Some florists won’t book weddings in the weeks leading up to Christmas due to high delivery volume,” she cautions. Planning ahead is always better than waiting until the last minute, so call Sarah today to schedule an appointment. As a wedding coordinator, she is your best local source of information for your Tucson holiday wedding.