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Using Orchids in Weddings

orchids in weddings

There are many choices and options involved in planning a wedding, and the flowers are one of the most important decisions to be made!  Once you have chosen your dresses and color palette, it is time to determine which flowers are the best to incorporate into your day. Orchids are among the most popular choices for weddings, given their rare beauty and elegance. Orchids in weddings are versatile and diverse, and regardless of color palette you can find the right orchid for your style. If you are planning a Tucson or Oro Valley wedding, the best place to begin with planning your wedding flowers is Casas Adobes Flower Shop. orchids in weddings

Orchids make a sophisticated choice for the most discerning of brides. The phalaenopsis orchid, also known the “moth orchid”  because it’s petals look like wings, offers broad flowers in bright colors, perfect to be a focal point for your bridal bouquet, as well as to dress up a lapel.

orchids in weddings

Dendrobium orchids are perhaps the most popular of the wedding varieties. The graceful blooms, which exhibit delicate patterns and a spectrum of colors, can be utilized in every aspect of your wedding. Cymbidium orchids are dramatic and tropical – and work exceptionally well with succulent elements, especially the trending green cymbidium. White cymbidiums laced with color are lovely wedding details no matter where you to choose to use them. From the bridal hairpiece to the aisle decorations, the stunning orchid will provide the perfect accent to your day.

orchids in weddings

Whether the centerpiece is made up entirely of orchids, or if the flowers simply add a dramatic and eye-catching element, orchids in weddings are always a wonderful choice.  In many circles. it is a popular tradition to have a small game or contest to give away the centerpiece at each table – and this gorgeous floral arrangement is sure to be displayed proudly by the recipient at home!

When it is time to choose your wedding flowers, call Casas Adobes Flower Shop to make an appointment, Speak with our wedding experts and floral designers to decide if orchids are the right flowers for your wedding bouquets and decor.  With thousand of varieties, a full range of colors and many diverse forms, orchids are likely to be an amazing addition to your wedding day.