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Tall Wedding Centerpieces and Why They are Trending

If you are planning a 2016 wedding ,you are likely consulting bridal websites and social media boards for inspiration; keeping track of the hottest trends for this year.


Some popular themes are carried over from last year. Old-fashioned romance has returned to the wedding ceremony, and couples are choosing vintage locales and décor to set the stage. Soft ambient lighting is providing illumination – from Edison lights strung overhead to elegant chandeliers or candles, the lighting brings the romance.


There are some shifts in the popular trends this year as well. Colors are a bit more muted, with blush palettes replacing brights; and as for centerpieces, the word for the season is “tall”. Towering centerpieces that soar above the table provide a sophistication and elegance that dominate the venue. Whether the look is obtained through platforms and multi-tiered arrangements, or by utilizing flowers with long stalks – such as gladioli or lupine flowers – to design the effect,these tall centerpeice arrangements provide a spectacular aesthetic.

Couples may also opt for tall vases to lift the centerpiece above the table; the arrangement, besides being dramatic, also allows seated guests to converse across the table without hindrance. Tall vases can be contemporary or traditional to match the flowers, and the height of the container can be utilized to display orchids, roses or iris inside its body.


When deciding on a concept for your florals – from bouquets to table favors – look through the Casas Adobes website for inspiration, but make sure to stop into our Tucson flower shop to discuss your dream wedding with our expert florists. We can design anything you can imagine. It’s your wedding, and when it comes to flowers – the sky is the limit! Book your appointment here!