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Wedding Myths and Facts- Strange Wedding Traditions

There are many traditions associated with weddings- proposals, attire, bridal parties and ceremonies often have “stranger than fiction” origins. Today, they may be customary – but at one point in history, these elements of your wedding were born out of necessity, superstition or societal pressure.


Although flowers are an integral part of wedding ceremonies, in Victorian times they were less chosen for color and style; and instead floral arrangements were created with symbolic meanings in mind. Faithfulness, trust, love or purity were communicated through the language of flowers. Of course, nowadays brides and grooms select their bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers based on the theme and color scheme – but whatever your choice of flower, the right choice of florist for your Tucson wedding is Casas Adobes Flower Shop. Traditions are appropriate for your wedding day – but the memories are all yours.