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5 Ways Florists Are Going Green

You may be used to thinking about the sustainability of your energy and food sources, but have you actually considered whether your floral arrangements are sourced sustainably? Just like with produce that is organic as well as free-range eggs, you also can select eco-friendly flowers. With Casas Flowers, Tuscon’s best florists, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality items that are sourced as well as produced responsibly.

Field of Dahlia Flowers

What Exactly Are Eco-Friendly Flowers?

Flowers are natural, grown from nature, which leads many to believe they are eco-friendly. However, depending on how they are grown determines if they truly are green or not. A number of growers utilize methods like damaging pesticide sprays and fertilizers plus brightly-powered lights to speed up growing. These kinds of growers put stress on the planet and their workers.

Eco-friendly flowers are grown with only beneficial effects on the environment producing them. Eco-friendly blossoms are developed in season, using organic fertilizers, insecticides, and only natural light. Farmers who support sustainable floristry also tend to sell their products only to nearby florists to further cut down on harmful emissions from delivering long distance.

Growing Buds

How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Florist

Unlike meals which are stamped “organic,” florists do not necessarily publicize that they support renewable floristry. Those florists who do typically also perform other green acts such as:

  • Offers to Refill Vases – Whether you buy one floral arrangement or perhaps are a high volume industrial customer. Sustainable florists often encourage the customers of theirs to reuse the containers of theirs.
  • Sources Flowers Locally – Locally sourced flowers journey a shorter distance and also cause a substantially decreased environmental delivery influence.
  • Promotes Seasonal Blooms – Along with being probably the freshest and best flowers around, they are additionally most sustainable. Seasonal blooms need the very least extraneous assets to grow, along with green florists have a tendency to spotlight seasonal plants in the designs of theirs.
  • Uses Recyclable Materials – A renewable florist utilizes recyclable materials whenever you can. For instance, bouquets could constantly be wrapped in paper rather than plastic material.
  • Minimizes Waste – Sustainable florists do their utmost to use every little thing in their floral shops to use that is good, which includes rarely used blossoms. We will often donate ours to hospitals as well as nursing homes or even make certain they receive composted.

Pink Cosmos Flowers

What You Can Do to Help

Sustainability does not stop in the floral shop; you are able to assist, also! You are able to create the flowers of yours keep going longer by protecting them by hanging or perhaps pressing them to dry out. Should you choose not to protect the bouquets of yours, next we suggest composting them. Every single little bit of plant material is compostable and can make very good fertilizer for generations to come of flowers, fruit, and veggies. When you do not have the own garden of yours, drop them by a neighborhood garden ‘s garden compost pile.

The most significant thing you are able to do to make certain the sustainability of the flowers of yours is choosing a neighborhood floral shop like Casa’s Flowers. Shopping neighborhood not merely invigorates the area economy but additionally greatly cuts down on the environmentally friendly impact of long-distance deliveries. Additionally, you will get the freshest, best plants from a florist you are able to believe in.

Blooming Purple Hyacinth

Here at Casa’s Flowers, we just brought in some containers that are biodegradable and compostable. They are made from agricultural harvest byproducts including straw, bamboo skin, corn, and coffee husks. The containers biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water within 6 months in a landfill. They are also rigid and durable, yet lighter than ceramic. They come in a few different color selections and we will begin to incorporate them into our dish garden plant designs and use them in select floral designs. We will also recycle any donated used vases brought in by our customers.

Let’s keep it green together!!