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Posted by casasflowers on September 13, 2019 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Add Chrysanthemums To Liven Up Your Fall Look

As summer transitions to fall, we look for beautiful blooms like chrysanthemums to brighten your home, office or landscape. Colorful and texture-rich, mums add so much to your season, it’s hard to go wrong with these hardy autumn delights. Growing beautiful mums in your own garden is another great way to incorporate great color and style all around the Tucson area throughout the fall months. The floral experts at Casas Adobes Flower Shop are here to show you some of our favorite varieties of mums to grow or give, and we have a few growing times to offer for the success of your garden.

Orange & Yellow Mums

Standard Mums

This specific variety of chrysanthemums is probably what you think of when you mention “mums.” Standard mums are characterized by big, showy blooms with soft petals that provide a rich texture to any floral design are the perfect fit for fall’s finest flowers. The gorgeous orange and yellow standard mums in our Golden Autumn Bouquet add plenty of depth and flair to this fabulous fall design.

Colorful Daisy Mums

Daisy Mums & Viking Mums

Daisy mums and Viking mums are two of the most popular varieties of chrysanthemums, mainly because Both varieties resemble daisies but are still a hardy, long-lasting chrysanthemum. Featured in a mixed bouquet like our Apple Cider design, these blooms bring a cheerful addition to any space. Daisy mums appear in a spectrum of hues, from gold and bronze to white and yellow, like in this bouquet.

Spider Mums

Spider Mums

With long, spindly petals that resemble a spider’s legs, it’s easy to see where this variety of mums gets its name. Delicate and lacy, and available in a rainbow of colors, spider mums can add a pop of color as well as an exotic texture to any floral display. As the bright yellow standouts in our Autumn Expressions Bouquet, spider mums lend a textural contrast to the smoother blooms surrounding them.

Growing Mums

With over 40 species of mums and thousands of varieties, choosing which mums to grow in your garden can be a difficult decision. Once you know what you’d like, rest assured that with a little planning and care, your mums will thrive and add much beauty to your yard’s landscape. While the best times to plant mums are late spring and early summer, as long as they get plenty of sunshine and are not still trying to bloom when frosty temperatures set in, planting a little later can still yield gorgeous blooms. Nutrient-rich soil, plenty of water and a good drainage system are essential to making these perennials last.

Beautiful, versatile chrysanthemums are part of the essence of fall. Whether you’re enjoying a beautiful bouquet placed perfectly for your home’s fall decor, or tending to your own beauties in your colorful garden, having mums around during the fall months is easy and adds a natural fall touch to the season. For more tips and tricks about recognizing, planting and decorating with mums, talk to the floral designers at Casas Adobes Flower Shop. Our experts are glad to work with you to learn more about one of our fall favorites.