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Posted by casasflowers on October 19, 2019 | Last Updated: October 5, 2020 Uncategorized

Bring Fall Flair to your Front Porch

Fall is in the air, and we think it should be on your front porch, too! When you decorate for the newest season, you create new energy in your life and all those around you, inspiring fresh thinking and outlooks. Give your home the update it needs as fall settles in around us and showcase your creativity.

The floral experts at Casas Adobes Flower Shop want to help you make the entrance to you home look and feel as fresh and new as fall itself. A few easy, festive updates will bring an important change to your home’s look. You’ll be able to indicate the onset of the new season as well as the coming holidays, plus you can show off your creative spirit (or borrow a little of ours!).

Why Should You Decorate Your Front Porch For Fall?

Including flowers and living plants on your front porch adds an important touch to any home’s look. You’ll feel inspired by your own creativity and help others find inspiration, too. Plus, your fall decor will help the whole neighborhood usher in the approaching holidays as people begin to anticipate their arrival. If you feel fall decor is optional, take a look at some of these great reasons to decorate each season:

  • It’s an easy makeover. Without a massive overhaul, you can quickly and easily give your home a quick makeover. Add a few seasonal elements and bright seasonal flowers for an easy update. Hardy fall mums are one of our favorite front porch additions for fall.
  • It brings curb appeal. Make your home look great inside and out even for passersby. Gorgeous fall color, style, and texture all combine to create a fresh fall look, even at a glance. Beautiful fall foliage is a must for curb appeal, so be sure to include something amazing like our basket of Crotons in deep fall colors.
  • You’ll inspire your neighbors. Once your neighbors see how great your front porch looks, they’ll want to create something similar for their own homes! Sharing tips and tricks, as well as extra accents with your neighbors, will enhance your relationships with your neighbors and spruce up the entire block at the same time.
  • You’ll be prepping for the holidays. The introduction of fall decor leads us to realize that the holidays aren’t far behind. When you decorate your front porch with fall flowers and decor, you announce to everyone that the holidays are approaching and fill the neighborhood with anticipation.

Which Containers Will Make Your Porch Fall-Ready?

Wooden Buckets

Placing fall flowers and plants on your front porch during this season is a great way to celebrate the on-set of fall. Making sure those plants and flowers are in adorable fall-friendly containers like galvanized metal or rustic wooden boxes will increase your fall essence by a ton. Here are some other great options:

  • Hanging plants/ferns: Highlight the features of your entire porch by hanging ferns and blooming plants along the eaves for a multi-dimensional look.
  • Wooden crates for levels: Use square or rectangular wooden crates stacked in varying heights as platforms for gorgeous fall plants. Wooden boxes filled with fresh fall blooms like our Bromeliad & Succulent Garden will look fabulous on display.
  • Wagon: Feature your collection of pumpkins in varying sizes by piling them into a little red wagon. The nostalgia of children visiting farms during harvest season has never been more prominent.
  • Rocking chair: A wooden rocker with a plaid flannel throw blanket draped over the back will lend a warm, cozy look to your porch’s inviting fall scene.

What Unique, Creative Ideas Can You Easily Include?

Chrysanthemums and Pumpkins

Going beyond the typical fall decor and adding a few inspired, unique touches will truly make your fall porch-scape stand out from the rest. To go the extra mile, use one or more of these ideas- or be inspired by them to create your own look!

  • Odd-colored pumpkins: Instead of carving pumpkins, hollow them out and paint them in colors that might stand out on a fall porch. Black-and-white patterns, or pastels like pinks or light blues, will complement the petunias or hydrangeas you plant within the hollowed pumpkins.
  • Colorful textiles: Textures and fabrics are an essential part of the fall experience. Add soft flannels or patterned wool to seating, a few warm-hued throw pillows, or rustic burlap ribbon with sunflowers will make bold statements that represent all of fall’s delights.
  • Garland around door frame: Who says you have to save garland for winter? Start now with beautiful oversized garlands draped around the frame of your front door to welcome guests and family into your home.
  • Mix flowers and gourds: Enjoy the fresh, lush beauty of hardy fall flowers like marigolds as they contrast with the tough look of gourds, pumpkins and succulents. The combination will make an easy, bright update to any fall porch.

Whether you stick to more classic, traditional designs or get a little creative with eclectic, inventive ideas, there is an endless supply of ideas for your fall decor. Choose your favorites and design a memorable front porch for fall. The professionals at Casas Adobes Flower Shop are happy to offer you more ideas for creating a fall front porch you’ll love. Talk to us today for more great fall decor ideas.