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Colorful Spring Flowers We Can’t Wait to See

Nothing refreshes the air, brightens up a space, and celebrates the season quite like a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers! With just a single vase of blooms, you can enjoy their fragrance and their cheerful colors. Yes, we’re excited for the cacti to start blooming in Tucson, but at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, our florists are most excited to share all of our new seasonal floral designs with all of you!

Fun Spring Flower Facts

This year, March 19th is the vernal equinox and the first day of spring. Of course, the flowers don’t know what the date is, but they can sense the lengthening days and rising temperatures, which prompts them to start growing and to bloom.

In the U.S., we celebrate spring on the vernal equinox, but other parts of the world base the seasons on the lunar calendar. In Japan, the people take their cue from their national flower, the cherry blossom, and they don’t recognize the start of spring until the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

vibrant and delightful centerpiece filled with radiant springtime flowers is just the bouquet you need! It is filled with vibrant coral gerbera daisies, white Casa Blanca lilies, hot pink spray roses, pink roses, yellow daisy chrysanthemums, purple statice and deep blue delphinum.

Spring Menagerie

When Does Spring Flowers Start to Bloom?

The first flowers of spring can bloom as early as late January — even in cold and snowy climates! Crocuses, snowdrops, and Lenten roses will force their way through the frost well before spring begins.

Other flowers considered early bloomers come out around the end of March. These include pansies, irises, daffodils, and tulips. Late spring bloomers like lilacs, peonies, bluebells, and roses don’t show their colors until May or June.

The 7 Most Popular Spring Flowers

So many flowers bloom during spring that it’s tough to choose favorites. The following are some of the most popular thanks to their beauty, fragrance, and special symbolic meanings.




1. Daffodils

These cheerful flowers have trumpet-shaped noses in sunny orange, yellow, and white. Daffodils bloom early and are typical of the season, as they also symbolize renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings.





Purple & Yellow Pansies


2. Pansies

Pansies are also early bloomers. These pretty flowers have blooms like little faces, and they come in a variety of attractive color combinations. They symbolize both free thought and admiration.







3. Daisies

Daisies bloom toward the end of spring, and they’re a favorite thanks to their fresh-picked good looks. With white petals and bright-yellow centers, daisies are cheerful and uplifting. They’re the perfect choice for celebrating Mother’s Day because they represent motherhood and childbirth.





Pink Tulips


4. Tulips

You can’t think about rabbits and baby chicks without also thinking about tulips. These springtime staples bloom in an almost endless number of varieties, and each color has a different meaning. Tulips, in general, symbolize love, but yellow tulips, for example, represent happy thoughts. Whatever they symbolize, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of jelly-bean-colored tulips for spring.




Assorted Roses


5. Roses

Roses are popular throughout the year, but they’re in-season during spring. This means they’re at their freshest, most beautiful, and are also more affordable during the season. Each color of rose has its own unique meaning. For example, yellow roses are for friendship, orange roses represent passion, and lavender roses are for love at first sight.




Pink Azaleas


6. Azaleas

These blooming shrubs symbolize femininity, and it’s no surprise. Their flowers are stunning, as their delicate petals bloom in warm hues.







7. Freesia

Freesias are the flowers of friendship, and their cheerful colors can keep you company, too! Each stem holds up to a dozen blooms. Just a stem or two in a mixed bouquet will fill a room with their signature sweet perfume.





Make the Most of the Season with Spring Flowers and Blooming Plants

The best way to bid winter farewell and celebrate the start of spring is with an uplifting bouquet of brightly colored spring flowers. At Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we have a variety of spring designs ready to go, and we’ll help you choose the perfect one for your home or office!