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Casas Flowers Blog

Posted by casasflowers on August 3, 2015 | Last Updated: April 22, 2021 Uncategorized

Dress up your decor with plants


When choosing potted flowers, don’t forget that their containers can add much to the décor of an outdoor patio or deck. From terra cotta pots to woven baskets; from painted buckets to polished glass vases – that which holds the floral arrangements can provide interesting texture and detailing above and beyond the plants themselves. The flowers and plants you choose ultimately will set the tone for the space you are creating. Whether you choose lush green potted plants and trees; climbing blooms, or huge bouquets of wildflowers, your personality shines through. Consider the space you have – the amount of sun and shade, as well as the temperatures overnight – when searching our website for ideas.

Here at Casas Adobes, we look forward to helping you to create a unique and personal outdoor space limited only by your ideas. If you have a dream backyard, we’ll help you build it. Come into Casas Adobes Flower Shops today, and enjoy the rest of your summer in a beautiful space all your own!