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Easter Flowers at Casas Adobes

easter flowersThe Easter season encompasses symbols and traditions which began in very diverse places; influences from both Christian history and the polytheistic ancient world are still strong today. The religious origin of Easter Sunday is expressed through church services that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, on the same day, children search for vibrantly colored eggs and welcome the Easter Bunny’s gifts of candy and trinkets; traditions which have evolved from the spring fertility festivals of ancient cultures. These seemingly diverse observances do share a common theme, however – renewed life and new beginnings are honored in both religious and secular celebrations. Easter flowers are beautifully appropriate for all spring observances, as they promise new life and fresh starts.

easter flowersAn enduring emblem of the biblical Resurrection, white lilies have represented Easter observances for centuries. But the white lily is not the only flower popular during the spring Easter season. Some other blossoms that have come to evoke spring sentiments include tulips, daffodils, hydrangea, azalea, daisies, forsythia and mums – available in the entire spectrum of colors.

easter flowersSpring floral arrangements are the perfect expression to celebrate the new season and the Easter holiday. Spring brings invigoration and inspiration; fresh idea, fresh hopes and dreams – so what better way to translate those feelings into a beautiful display than with a fresh cut bouquet from Casas Adobes Flower Shop? To appropriately adorn a church service, to dress up your holiday dinner table, or to send Happy Easter wishes to friends or family – spring flowers add a breath of fresh air.