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Casas Flowers Blog

Posted by casasflowers on February 26, 2018 Uncategorized

Flowers That Make You Happy

What’s the best way to ensure that you love the flowers you receive as a gift? Pick them out yourself, of course.

Here at Casas Adobes Flower Shop, we fully support the idea of giving yourself flowers as an important act of self-care. We indulge in pedicures, massages and long lunches out with friends—why not treat ourselves to a bundle of fresh blooms, too?

Flowers have been shown time and time again to have positive impacts on both health and well being. Studies show that they can improve cognitive function and memory, as well as reduce the use of medication in patients who receive them while in the hospital. The list goes on, but trust us, aside from being beautiful companions to a desk, kitchen counter or dining table, flowers make us feel better. Consider what bringing home our mixed wrapped flowers¬†would do for your soul. And consider adding one of our aromatherapy baskets while you’re at it.

There’s nothing better than coming home with a bouquet of flowers in your arms, or having them show up at the front door. Even better if you bought them for yourself, because you’re guaranteed to love them. Watch them light up your space, and every time you notice them having the desired effect, you’ll know it’s because of you. Self-care is empowering, whether you choose to retire to a quiet couch and indulge in a good book, treat yourself to a fancy meal or carry home a beautiful mix of seasonal blooms and a sweet-smelling basket along with it.