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Posted by casasflowers on January 5, 2016 Uncategorized

It’s Time to Celebrate Your Houseplants

houseplant appreciationYou might not look at your houseplants often, but they’re always there for you, adding a spot of green to your kitchen windowsill or giving your desk at work a little liveliness. As temperatures cool and we enjoy the holiday season, we often forget our trusty houseplants in favor of holiday decorations and hanging strings of lights.

Popular Green Plants for Your Home

Houseplants are diverse, colorful, and perfect for many occasions like birthdays, but they’re also a beautiful part of your home’s décor when added to a windowsill or table near a window. You might place a small desktop orchid in your bathroom to greet you each morning, or you might think about a towering palm plant for the corner of the living room.

Did you know that your houseplants help purify the air in your home and that some plants even eliminate airborne toxins? From little dish gardens on your office desk to cactus gardens for the kitchen, every room in your home is healthier and greener when you display vibrant houseplants.

If you already have houseplants around your home, January is a great time to give them a little attention, particularly if you’ve forgotten about them while the holiday decorations were hung around your home. With the changing direction of the sun throughout the year, sometimes it can benefit your houseplants when you switch their placement in your home to a sunnier spot for the winter.

Easy to Care For and Convenient

It’s tough to keep up with an outdoor garden that requires constant watering, pruning, and attention, and a houseplant is an ideal substitute for anyone who wants a little green in his or her life but doesn’t want the responsibility of an entire outdoor garden.

Plants that are particularly easy to grow include colorful dieffenbachia plants with their bright yellow and green leaves and classic dracaena plants (you might know them as a Madagascar dragon tree). Your houseplant will be there for you, green and beautiful in rain or shine, no matter what the weather might be throwing around outside.

January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day, and it’s a perfect time to take a look at your houseplants and spruce them up with a new pot or give them a healthy trim. It’s also an excellent time to introduce a new houseplant to your home from Casas Adobes Flower Shop in Tucson.