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Lush Dishgardens

One of our lush dishgardens in our showroom

One of our lush dishgardens in our showroom

We are always asked how do I care for my dishgarden after I receive it? We always include care instructions with every delivery but we can’t fit everything on that little card! Here is a little more information on how to care for your beautiful dishgarden, so that you can enjoy the beauty of indoor plants in your home or office.


• Moderately bright light preferred

• Protect from direct sun in the summer

• Place near sunny window in the winter


• Moderately moist soil is preferred

• Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch

• Avoid over watering – Do not let stand in water


• Tropical green plants prefer warm temperatures

• 70-72 degrees during the day

• 65-70 degrees at night

• Avoid excess heat or cold

• Fertilize periodically

• Trailing plants usually need a little trim after a month or two

• Taller plants can be tipped back to reduce height

The rate of growth depends upon the amount of light received.

The less light… The slower the growth.

It’s best to place plant containers in a location with the minimal amount of light the plants can tolerate.