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Posted by casasflowers on January 21, 2018 Uncategorized

Pantone Declares 2018 The Year Of Purple

When color powerhouse Pantone announced their pick for 2018 Color Of The Year, Casas Adobes Flower Shop was thrilled. We love the look of purple, and their specific choice, Ultra Violet, is an intriguing hue. This is a color that’s supposed to embody the spirit of the times and in some way forecast what we might feel like in the future. It’s mysterious, introspective and majestic – three qualities that make it a very complex color. On the other hand, it’s a workable jewel tone, and therefore a shade we can invite right into our homes.

One easy way to integrate Ultra Violet and its family is to decorate with fresh flowers before committing to, say, painting an accent wall or buying all those throw pillows. In the case of our Community Garden Bouquet, there’s a punch of vivid color, with yellow not only complimenting the purple flowers here, but elevating them. You can really get a sense of purple’s power when it’s presented like this.

Since you’ll likely see signs of Ultra Violet everywhere this year, it will be hard to resist bringing it into your life. Flowers are one way to begin doing that because they so beautifully reflect the color’s rich, intense beauty.