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Posted by casasflowers on January 27, 2021 | Last Updated: February 1, 2021 Uncategorized


This Valentine’s Day might not be filled with surprise dates to elegant restaurants or sweet wineries. However, it will certainly be filled with joy and all the love you can feel. As you’re planning an at-home date or looking forward to some peaceful self-care, your friends at Casas Adobes, Tucson’s best flower shop, came up with a few ideas to help make it special. 

Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day 

Movie and bowl of popcorn

Have a Favorite Movie Marathon

Dive into a marathon of your favorite movies together, and see what ones your partner thinks are the best. Go back and forth choosing what film to watch next, and then agree on a special one to round out the day. Make treasured memories you’ll remember whenever you think of these special films. 

Couple cooking in the kitchen

Cook a Meal Together

Do you get to your Valentine’s heart by way of their stomach? Spend your afternoon together enjoying an at-home cooking date. Make fun memories as you spend quality time in the kitchen and during your exquisite dinner date. Since you have an extra set of hands, find an adventurous recipe or something from your favorite gourmet chef. 

Green yoga mat on wooden floor with open laptop and water bottle

Take a Yoga Class

What’s a day of self-love if you don’t have physical activity, mental clarity, or total focus on yourself? Hit all three birds with one stone during a virtual yoga class. Join a class online and start your day of love and self-care by feeling calm, relaxed, and zen.

This luxe arrangement includes stargazer lilies, pink roses, red roses, red alstroemeria, maroon carnations, red coffee berries and white lisianthus with fresh lush greenery.

Select Romantic Flowers

Admire more than just your sweetheart this year with breathtaking blooms, like our “Love Struck” arrangement. While you enjoy the day inside, create an ambiance that is just right with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. You’ll both admire the romantic beauty, and your love will swoon at your thoughtfulness. 

Pink arts and craft supplies, scissors, twine, and ribbon

Spread Love with Homemade Crafts

Make this year special not just for you and your beau, but for your community, too. Turn your living room upside down with arts and craft supplies, creativity, and imagination as you create unique crafts with your Valentine. Draw inspiring pictures or fold construction paper into loving doves, and deliver your finished masterpieces to neighbors, friends, or local nursing homes and hospitals to brighten their day.

Ballroom dancing couple

Learn a New Dance

Plan an afternoon or evening of romantic ballroom dancing for your Valentine. You and your favorite dance partner are sure to have a wonderful time soaking up new moves and routines together to the best songs. Slow it down with an elegant foxtrot or waltz, or get groovy with a fun salsa or cha-cha. 

Brown envelope with blue heart and red rose petals

Exchange Love Notes

The romantic Valentine’s Day tradition of writing love letters will never go out of style. Keep this tradition alive this year as you celebrate from home. Craft your letters to each other in advance so you can enjoy seeing the look on their face as they read your loving words. Let your imagination soar as you pen sweet notes inside a homemade Valentine’s Day card. 

An at-home Valentine’s Day just might be the cozy break you need. No matter if you spend the day cuddling with your significant other, spreading kindness, or admiring gorgeous flowers from Casas Adobes in peace, do something that makes you smile.