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Posted by casasflowers on April 2, 2018 Uncategorized

Spotlight on Ethereal Confections

We’ve got a new line in the shop here at Casas Adobes, and we’re the only ones in Tucson where you’ll find it. We love our flowers, we love our plants, but we’re also loving our new chocolate, which comes to us by way of Ethereal Confections. This totally organic, single origin and blended chocolate is ethically sourced from trusted bean farmers, whose beans undergo a meticulous process—and transformation—into rich, delicious chocolate.

Ethereal Confections goes all the way from bean to bar, and the end result is a dairy free, gluten free, preservative free product. These makers specialize in dark chocolate, and as you can see, we’re big fans—so much so that we’ve devoted an entire basket to it. We call it Dreaming Of Chocolate Gift Basket, and it’s stuffed full of bars, drinking chocolate, mendiants and mini chocolates. This one’s for the chocolate connoisseur, or just anyone with a sweet tooth.

Since chocolate pairs so well with coffee, we’ve got a arrangement of both together on hand, too. The Starbucks & Dark Chocolate Basket is a handsome, decadent array of the eponymous coffee, chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and biscotti.

Basket with Starbucks coffee and dark chocolates

These make wonderful gifts (Mother’s Day, anyone?), or just keepers. Bring one to the office, send one to your best friend, pick one up for yourself. We love something delicious that also has a great backstory.